Path to the Draft: The Countdown is On for the Draft Prospects

What goes through the minds of a  prospect as the NFL draft draws closer? Jim Mora Jr offers some insight into that from having worked with college draft picks.
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The NFL draft is an exciting time for college football players who have been building up and training for this big moment all their lives. 

Just thinking about it--the top prospects fly into the city hosting the draft and get the complete star treatment with a packed itinerary that begins literally from the moment they touch down. 

Then on draft night, there is the anticipation of sitting in the green room, waiting to hear one's name called. If that happens, the next step is a photo opp with Commissioner Roger Goodell with the prospect donning the official draft cap and holding up the jersey of his new team. 

The draft can be a scary and stressful proposition, one where players might ask themselves how they are stacking up during their "interviews" with prospective employers or where they're going to end up living for the next several years.

Former NFL and NCAA head coach Jim Mora Jr provided some additional insight into some of what goes through these draft prospects' minds in the video above. 

And in the video below, hear from Miami Hurricane edge Gregory Rousseau, one of many college draft prospects who decided to opt-out of last season, and how his path to the draft has taken shape.

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