New York Giants Injury Update: Sterling Shepard Suffers a Toe Ailment

Patricia Traina

The hits keep on coming for the Giants in their Week 2 game against the Bears as receiver Sterling Shepard suffered a toe injury at the end of the first half.

Shepard was initially questionable to return.

Shepard, who did return to the field for the first play of the second half, tried to run a route but was unable to make his cut as cleanly as he needed to. 

He was then seen on the sideline trying to shake off his ailment but was visibly limping and eventually went back to the locker room for further evaluation. 

Shepard had two receptions for 29 yards at the time of his injury.

The Giants have already lost running back Saquon Barkley to a knee injury suffered at the start of the second quarter. They trail the Bears 17-0 after a half.

The Giants have now ruled Shepard out of the rest of the game.

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If it his big toe ( turf toe, for example) he’ll be gone a long while.

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