Mailbag: Inaugural Edition

Sarah Stier-USA TODAY Sports
Patricia Traina

Welcome to our inaugural mailbag.

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From MrTreeAmigosCoffee:

What impact do you think the improved offensive line really will have, and in Saquon second-year do you foresee the offense becoming a very improved unit and actually see a resurgence in Eli's play this year? If so do you think a resurgent Eli could actually have Daniel Jones sit on the bench almost the whole year except possible mop-up duty if we have dare I say a blowout or 2?

Great question—or should I say questions. There’s no doubt that everything starts up front with the offensive line, so I think if that unit is as good as it looks right now on paper, you’re going to see a domino effect on the rest of the offense.

We can start with the running game, which while solid by itself thanks to Saquon Barkley’s ability, should be even more solid moving forward, particularly at the second level where often the Giants runs met their doom prematurely.

And yes, so long as Eli Manning plays well and the team is in the playoff hunt, I think Daniel Jones will sit and continue to learn. And I think the way this offense is going to be set up, we’ll see a bunch of short and intermediate stuff since I’m not sure if this team has identified its deep threat.

From Jonesin4QB:

Has anyone pleasantly surprised you during OTAs?

Probably the defense. I must admit that I thought there would be some choppiness with how they performed given all the new faces, but I tip my hat to them for playing like a cohesive unit.

You can clearly see the chemistry developed quickly, especially in the secondary, and this has been a group that has, for the most part, looked as though they’ve played together for a couple of years. By that, I mean they have played fast—and that’s pretty good considering that the practices right now aren’t being run at full speed.

So I’m really looking forward to seeing what this unit looks like once the pads go on.