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Guard Kevin Zeitler is part of the revamped Giants offensive line this year.Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Patricia Traina

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Here is this week's question:

Do you think the Giants offensive line will be different or better this year, and why?

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They should be better. The entire line now has NFL experience and most have now played together. This should result in them knowing each other’s tendencies and help with non verbal communication

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The O line is the key to the offense moving the ball. Think the O line will be better, simply because they have better personnel. Believe for the first time in about 6 seasons they should be able to keep pressure off of Eli which should help rebuild his confidence and open running lanes for one of the best young RB in the NFL. Feel their Guards are two of the better guards in football. Center and tackles are solid.



Remmers is gonna be the starter unless his back acts up. That's the one thing that has me concerned about this unit.


The O-line appears better Solder and Hernandez have year’s experience the center either Pio(needs to get some live action) or Pulley improved. Zietler a step up with Wheeler and Remmers in a battle. Remmers might be better swing tackle Wheeler just getting of right side - health will be issue as well as getting reps! Excited!