LockedOn Giants Podcast: A Look at the Deeper Issues

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Patricia Traina


There is no other word--at least none that we can print that's suitable for family consumption--to describe the Giants' 22-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

We suspect that there has been a lot already said about this loss, so in today's podcast, we're going to get right to the heart of things. Among the topics covered...

  • Is tight end Evan Engram playing tentatively after coming back from his injury?
  • Why Daniel Jones had a better game than people gave him credit for.
  • Why it's time for the coaches to stop saying they need to coach better and put guys in better positions and do it.

Check out all this and more in the new edition of LockedOn Giants. And if you want in on our upcoming mailbag, send your questions to lockedongiantspodcast@gmail.com before Monday. 

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I don't think Daniel Jones ran out of gas as much as he lost his coordination running full speed while looking over his left shoulder and then his right shoulder. Soooo... who do you think should make the tough catch at crunch time? A 5'6" RB who was a 6th round draft pick out of La. Tech or a 1st round TE from Ole Miss? Kudos to Boston Scott who was "money" when his team needed him most.

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Patricia Traina
Patricia Traina


I thought Jones was sucking wind there at the end. Also in my recap, I posted a NextGen Stats tweet showing his MPH for every 20 yards. He was definitely slowing down.


Oh, I agree he had to be tiring and was slowing down, anybody would be. If he did collapse from exhaustion he made a very quick recovery.

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