Alec Ogletree: Giants Weren’t Prepared for Game-winning Eagles Score

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Patricia Traina

As if the Giants need another reason to make sweeping changes on the coaching staff, now comes the revelation that on the game-winning touchdown reception by Eagles tight end Zach Ertz, the Giants weren’t prepared for that play because they hadn’t seen it before.

Such is the claim by defensive captain Alec Ogletree, who in an interview with WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, revealed that the Giants defense had yet another miscommunication on a play that they hadn’t seen.

"They'd never shown that play, and the way we adjusted to it was right at first, and then when they motioned to the bunch, it was just something that we didn't see on film," Ogletree said.

The defensive co-captain went on to explain what happened on the play which caught him and safety Michael Thomas looking quizzical at each other as Ertz waltz into the end zone untouched.

"They kind of spread us out," said Ogletree. "They made us adjust a little bit and motioned down to, like, a bunch look. And, I mean, we had guys doing stuff that we haven't practiced on or really been in that situation. And a little bit of the communication got lost on who was supposed to do what, and they were able to execute on it. We weren't really prepared for that play.

Ogletree’s confession is yet another damning indictment about the job done by the Gants coaching staff and why after the season ends there is going to be a significant change.

While the coaches are at fault, it’s also incredulous to think that between Ogletree and Thomas, two veterans who have been around and seen a lot, neither recognized what was happening to adjust.

Was it because neither wanted to freelance outside of what was called? Only they can answer that question, but the whole sequence, including the not-so-subtle finger-pointing by Ogletrees which implicates the coaching staff for not showing the players the play on film is just another reason why this Giants season is one big and ugly mess.

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Pitiful. Ertz was killing them all game and everyone knew that the ball was going to go to him, except..... the Giants D. Should have been double teamed, really though should never have been in that position to start with. As I recall, the Giants did the same thing this game as they did last season against the eagles, did not make O adjustments and stopped calling O plays that would give them a chance to win in the 2nd half like maybe passing the ball to Barkley in the open field or screens. Problem is Shurmur can't or doesn't want to see it.


It's apparent that this isn't ever prepared!!!!



I hate to say this, but any high school player would know to cover Ertz ( likely even double team him ), regardless of what motion was going on. He had already burned the Giants. Tight ends of note always burn the Giants. In addition, it should have been obvious to the Giants that the Eagles had almost no starting receivers on the field. Except, of course, for their all pro Ertz. So the defenders take a lot of blame here as well. " We didn't see it on film so we didn't know what to do." The Giants need smarter players as well as better ones. That was a damning and pathetic response from Ogletree. There must be ten plays a game that no one has seen on film. Except, of course, for the Giants. This is shocking.