Giants Fan Day Mailbag: The First Round Picks and Questions About the Football Operations

Patricia Traina

Very interesting question. The jury is still out on a lot of these guys, but based on what we've seen from them so far, here's how I'd stack them up.

TE Evan Engram: This one is hard because of the injuries. I do think that Engram has first-round talent, and his draft pedigree--he was the 23rd overall pick, sounds about right. But these injuries are making it really hard to wonder if he can be counted on over the long term to warrant a big contract.  

RB Saquon Barkley: I'm not sure it's fair to include Barkley in this exercise given the after-effects of his ankle injury. I still think he's produced at a first-round level, but with that said, I don't think he's produced like the No. 2 overall pick in the draft largely due to his pass blocking (though again, how much of that is a result of the ankle, I can't say for sure). 

CB DeAndre Baker: Baker ended up being a low first-round, high second-round type of prospect who went in the first round. I think the jury is still out on him mainly because for most of his rookie season, he's shown immaturity when it comes to doing all the things necessary to be a pro. I also haven't been thrilled with some of his select effort of late, one of which I mention in my 10 points column.

QB Daniel Jones: Jones has pretty much done everything expected of a franchise quarterback in his rookie season. The one negative has been the turnovers, some of which are his fault and others of which are the protection (or lack thereof) in front of him. In short, Jones has played like a first-round pick and the arrow is definitely pointing up here.

DT Dexter Lawerence: I like what I've seen and heard from this young man, so I'd say he's fulfilled his draft pedigree so far. What I want to see though is what kind of jump he takes in his second and third seasons.

S Jabrill Peppers: He's had a few struggles here and there, but overall I do like what he's brought to the table. I'd like to see him paired up with one of the younger players who can keep up with the speed of the game, but I think it's fair to say that Peppers' grasp on the mental part of the game, which was strong, to begin with, has taken a leap forward likely due to the tutelage he's probably received from Antoine Bethea.

Hi Frank. The Giants, as of right now, do not have two third-round picks. They are projected to get a second pick, that being as compensation for losing Landon Collins in free agency, but until they are officially awarded that pick, they can't trade what they don't have. So that means that the third-rounder they're sending to the Jets is the high one they're likely going to have thanks to where they end up in the draft order.

Hi Erza. I think it's a combination of things--the play design and the lack of burst. I'd have to sit down and go through the tape on each receiver on each passing play to get more specific and to see if they're getting that affected by jams, and if the issues are against man-to-man coverage (which on first glance that appears to be the case). 

Overall, you are right; this is a problem and one that I hope the Giants addressin the off-season otherwise they'll have little chance of having a successful passing game.

Todd, I wouldn't be surprised if Garrett's agent floated that report. There is no way the Giants are going to risk a tampering charge that would cost them draft picks by expressing an interest in a player or coach under contract to another team. I think that's why Ian Rapoport began his report as saying, "It's my understanding" which would leave room for interpretation.

John, when I watch this team. I can't help but have flashbacks to the previous regime  where the philosophy seemed to be, "We're going to do things my way until you get it right, and to heck with whether it's a fit." I've said this so many times--coaching is key. The really good coaches find ways to adjust to what they have rather than relying on what they know regardless if it's a fit. I'm not sure I've seen the Giants do much of the former.

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