Giants Head Coach Joe Judge Doesn't Back Down from Strong Season-Ending Comments

Giants head coach Joe Judge explained that his comments about respecting the game's competitive integrity were in response to questions his players asked him throughout the day--and he didn't backpedal with his sentiments several days later.
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Giants head coach Joe Judge might be spending a bit more time with his family these days, but that doesn’t mean he’s not keeping up with the happenings around the league and the division.

So when Judge, who appeared on WFAN's "Boomer and Gio" show, was asked about the Philadelphia Eagles decision to fire head coach Doug Pederson, who Judge indirectly criticized a day after the Giants were eliminated from the postseason, Judge took the high road.

“I’ll let the organization speak for that decision and what they want to do going forward,” Judge said. “I’m always going to avoid talking about somebody else’s job whether it’s on this staff or somewhere else. A lot of respect for what he’s accomplished in this league.”

But if anyone was expecting Judge to soften his rather stance from Monday in which he vowed never to compromise the game's competitive integrity, he wasn't budging.

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Judge's comments came a day after the Eagles lost their regular-season finale against the Washington Football Team, a loss that some people tie to Pederson's decision to pull starting quarterback Jalen Hurts in the fourth quarter despite being down by three points to get Nate Sudfeld some snaps.

“My comments were specifically in response to questions my players had been asking me throughout the day concerning some of the things that happened around the league,” Judge said. “To me, it’s important to respect the game, to respect the players that lay it on the line for you every day. That too me is critical.”

“Our job as coaches is very simple: You put your players on the field, and you do everything you can to give them a chance to be successful. ... The players have to go out there and execute the plan and work as hard as they can for 60 minutes and do everything they can to win the game.

“There’s been a lot of sacrifices made around the league. All I was trying to get across was the point of we’re always going to do everything we can to be successful here. We’re always going to try to put the payers in position to be successful, and we expect the players to always play for 60 minutes. It has nothing to do with us not making the playoffs.”

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Judge reiterated that he doesn’t blame anyone other than the Giants for their not slipping into the playoffs. New York finished with a 6-10 record and in second place behind the division-winning Washington Football Team’s 7-9 mark.

“Look, that’s our fault, point blank,” Judge said. “We have to do better. Six and ten is not a playoff team. … You don’t deserve to be in the playoffs with that. Our guys understand that.

“We’re not trying to sit back and make some excuse, or sit back and paint some picture that someone else owes us anything. They don’t. We owe it to ourselves to go out there and take advantage.”

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