Giants Notebook: Saquon okay with Shurmur’s plan, another receiver down, & more

Patricia Traina

If given his druthers, running back Saquon Barkley would rather be out there playing ball with his teammates. But apparently, head coach Pat Shurmur has other ideas regarding his star running back’s usage and those ideas don’t necessarily include a lot of game reps.

Hey if that’s what the coach wants, then Barkley is apparently okay with that.

“I am I going to continue to learn from it even though I’m not on the field,” he said Monday. “I wasn’t on the field last week. I just try to stay as locked in as I can, stay excited, get the sideline pumped.

“It’s fun to see a lot of the guys who have worked (hard)—especially the younger guys, and I say younger guys even though they might be older than me, to see how hard they worked to get to this spot, to play their dream, and to see them go out there and play some games and make some plays is awesome.

Yet when asked if he felt he needed to play in the preseason games to get ready for the new season, Barkley had an interesting answer which you can hear in full above.

Still Waiting on Tate’s Appeal

As of Monday, head coach Pat Shurmur said the team hadn’t heard whether receiver Golden Tate’s appeal of his four-game league-imposed suspension was rescinded or upheld.

“We’re waiting just like the rest of the world is,” head coach Pat Shurmur said. “Originally it was reported that it was three days. It’s not three days, obviously. I think it can take as long as it needs to. So, I’m not sure.”

Precedent would suggest that Tate is going to have to serve the full suspension, as the league is pretty strict about upholding these suspensions to the letter. But perhaps if Tate and the Giants are lucky, maybe there can be a compromise where the suspension is cut in half.

Shurmur Dinged

Shurmur was sporting a cut on the side of his face, but don’t worry; it wasn’t due to a player losing his cool and socking the head coach.

“I was putting the dog out,” he explained when asked about the cut. “She’s a big girl, and she kind of ran between my legs and I just fell.

Giants Lose Another Receiver

Wide receiver Amba Etta-Tawo tore his Achilles tendon in Monday’s practice. Etta-Tawo, in his second camp with the Giants, did not play vs. the Jets because of a strained hamstring.

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I hope they wrap the other key starters in bubble wrap until the season. Why take any chances?