Giants Rise One Spot in Updated NFL Draft Order

Despite being on a bye, the Giants rose one spot in the 2021 draft order by the end of Week 11's games.
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Despite being on a bye, the Giants moved up one spot in the 2021 draft order, going from eighth last week to seventh this week.


Dallas and Washington, both of whom won their Week 11 games, currently rank ahead of the Giants in the draft order, at No. 4 and No. 5, respectively.

The Giants will visit the Bengals in Week 12. They follow that road trip up with a visit to face the Seahawks before hosting the Cardinals and Browns in back-to-back games.

They'll finish the season with a road game at Baltimore and a home game against the Cowboys, potentially deciding the division if there is no separation among the NFC teams for the division lead.

The Cowboys will host Washington on Thanksgiving and then face Baltimore and Cincinnati on the road. They'll return home for two games, one each against the 49ers and the Eagles, before wrapping up the 2020 season at the Giants.

Washington will face Dallas this Thursday and then make road trips to Pittsburgh and San Francisco. They'll host Seattle and Carolina and close out their 2020 season against the Eagles.

The Eagles, who currently hold the 19th spot in the draft order thanks to their current lead in the division that would ensure them a playoff berth if they keep it, will host Seattle, visit Green Bay, host New Orleans, visit Arizona and Dallas, and close their 2020 campaign against Washington.