How New York Giants Benefit if Washington Parts with QB Alex Smith

WFT is set to part with QB Alex Smith per an NFL Network report. Here's why that is potentially good news for the New York Giants.
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The Washington Football Team is expected to part ways with quarterback Alex Smith, the 2020 NFL Comeback Player of the Year winner who has been with the club since 2018 and whose comeback from a severe leg injury requiring 17 surgeries has been nothing short of inspiring.

Depending on the timing, the move will either clear $14.7 million from their cap with an $8.6 million dead money hit (pre-June 1 and most likely) or $19 million with a $4.3 million dead money hit this year and next year (post-June 1).

Although Washington recently signed Taylor Heinicke to a two-year, $8.75 million extension last month, a valid argument can be made regarding the Football Team’s lack of a franchise quarterback.


This is significant because with the Football Team set to draft 19th overall, they’re probably not in the best position to snap up a franchise quarterback from among the top prospects. 

If that is indeed their take of the quarterbacks that fall down the board, that would mean they'll either have to roll with Heinicke for the upcoming year or trade for a potential franchise quarterback and his accompanying contract.

What does this have to do with the Giants? The Giants and Washington are the two teams in the division considered to be on the upswing. And while an argument can certainly be made that the jury is still out on Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, New York has already committed to pouring more resources into his development and sticking with him after he showed progress last season according to their criteria.

If Jones does take the next step in his development as the team no doubt thinks he can make, and the Giants make good on their intentions to upgrade the talent around him, give the Giants the competitive edge between the two at the most important position on a football team.

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