How the Giants Are Adjusting for This Week's West Coast Travel

Jackson Thompson

The Giants are set to make their first trip to the west coast this weekend when they visit the Los Angeles Rams, a lengthy six-hour flight that had head coach Joe Judge already thinking ahead as to how he was going to minimize the jetlag that typically accompanies lengthy air travel.

While some East Coast teams might look to fly out to the West Coast on a Friday for a Sunday game, Judge said that his team would keep with their Saturday travel schedule, albeit they'd start it earlier in the day than usual. 

"We're going to get out there early, get our guys in the sunlight a little bit, try and get them in the UV rays which should help them reset their body clocks a little bit," Judge said. 

"We're going to stay on East Coast time as much as we can and then wake up the next morning and we're going to play."

Usually, the Giants team charter leaves for its road trips anywhere from noon onward. This week, a source said the team charter would likely leave around nine in the morning, which would get the Giants to Los Angeles by about noon Pacific time if the flight is on-time.

Then, after the game, which is a 1:05 PST (4:05 EST) kickoff, Judge will keep the team out on the West Coast and have them fly back on Monday around noonish California time, which should get them back to New Jersey by early evening.

"Instead of returning immediately afterward, we're going to stay out, make sure the guys get a good night's sleep," Judge said. "We'll get the film graded that night, watch with the players the next morning, get that all cleaned up.

"We'll give the players a good amount of time between Monday night getting home, and Tuesday is the off-day. We're really looking to avoid some of that jet lag time coming back and trying to keep the players as fresh as possible."

 The Giants have another big trip after their game against the Rams when they visit the Dallas Cowboys.

(Additional reporting by Patricia Traina.)

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