Joe Judge Encouraged By Developing Relationships on Team

Patricia Traina

Giants head coach Joe Judge has always believed that to build a relationship, it’s best to do so in an environment where face-to-face interaction is available.

Unfortunately, that was not possible this spring between the players and coaches thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which forced everyone to connect remotely over Zoom videoconference meetings. 

Still, foundations were laid and introductions were made. Now, with the players and coaches gathering under one roof for the start of training camp, that camaraderie, and communication that Judge desires are starting to take root.

“These relationships are going to evolve,” Judge said, adding that the all-important relationship between second-year quarterback Daniel Jones, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, and quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski is coming along. 

"Our coaches work very hard and our players work very urgent to do what we’re trying to do, and that was in the virtual program, knock down these walls.”

The players are currently in the early stages of the ramp-up period, a period in which Judge has enthusiastically embraced for the health and safety of the athletes who might not have all been able to train during the off-season equally. 

While that ramp-up work hasn’t included much in the way of actual football activity, that will come soon enough, and Judge is looking forward to that.

“It’s a good point for us right now,” he said. “We had a good, productive few days. It’s almost been a little bit like a rookie minicamp for us in terms of rookies getting on the field, getting them exposed to some of our new stuff for the first time in terms of being on the field, our strength and conditioning program and getting some walkthrough time with them. 

"It’s been great with the vets, the quarterbacks, especially getting these guys on the field and being able to go through the systems with them. It’s been a productive couple of days so far.”

And he believes it’s going to get even better.

“We’re all looking forward to getting everybody in person, but you can tell that over time, the relationships will obviously… we’ll see more to it. But it’s been very positive to this point with all the players and coaches.”