Joe Judge: Marc Colombo Firing Was in Team's "Best Interest"

Judge provided few details about Colombo's firing or the events leading up to it.
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Giants head coach Joe Judge spoke to reporters Monday for the first time since replacing offensive line coach Marc Colombo with Dave DeGuglielmo.

While he refused to detail what transpired leading up to Colombo's dismissal, the Judge stressed that the decision was made in the team's best interest for the short- and long-term.

"I made this clear from day one: I’m always going to make every decision what I see is best for the team. This decision was no different," Judge said.

Judge also refused to shed any light on what transpired in the moments leading up to Colombo's termination, only saying that there was "a lot of misinformation out there" regarding the events described in various reports.

"I think there are some common sense that people who want to read articles understand what does and doesn’t actually happen within a professional setting and office building," Judge said.

"I’m not going to go out and rehash a lot of different things that were out there. This was a professional move. We made the decision that was best for the team."

With Colombo now in the rearview mirror, Judge has taken to ensure that the transition to DeGuglielmo, who completed his COVID-19 entry protocol last Friday and who had the chance to work with the offensive line remotely for the first time Monday, is a smooth one.

"They’ll be some adjustments here and there as we go," Judge aid in response to a question regarding whether the plan was to scrap everything Colombo had put in place and start from scratch.

"With six weeks left in the season, there is going to be a lot of continuity we’re looking to keep in place and keep improving as we go through the rest of the season. Will there be adjustments as needed throughout the season? Yes. Are we going to look to turn everything upside down? No."

Judge also insisted that the termination of Colombo has not changed the dynamic between him and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, who is believed to have recommended Colombo for the Giants offensive line coach position.  

 "Look, we’re all professionals here," Judge said. "We’re all working towards the same goal. There have been no effects in that nature right there. I feel good about going forward with everybody."

That includes DeGuglielmo, who reportedly has a bit of an abrasive style at times, but who also brings over 15 years of coaching experience and a philosophy that appears to resonate more with Jduge's tastes.

"Yeah, he brings some experience in this league. He’s done a good job. He’s coached some of the guys that are on the team already. He’s worked with a number of guys who are on staff already. There is a level of experience that carries over into that," Judge said of DeGuglielmo.

"That’s great, but all that really matters now is how each one of us coaches individually, and how he coaches now that he’s with the New York Giants. I’m excited to have him on staff with us moving forward."

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