Where Are the Giants in the MMQB Week 3 Power Rankings?

Patricia Traina

Turn out the lights; the party’s over.

That seems to be the feeling reflected this week among the MMQB team as far as their new power rankings in which the Giants fell from 25 last week to No. 31 this week—just one spot above their co-tenants at MetLife Stadium.

The MMQB crew, in having set their ranking, noted, “Without Saquon Barkley, Dave Gettleman’s rebuild now gets its most grueling evaluation yet. For three years, the Giants built a team around the run. What happens without the running back now?”

The Giants do belong in the bottom third of the league’s power ranking, no question. That's what an 0-2 record will get you, especially with one of those losses coming against a Bears team that was beatable. 

But with all due respect, the Giants haven’t been able to run the ball well now for two straight weeks, so to use that as the excuse to drop the Giants to the basement with the Jets? Sorry, not buying that excuse.

What I will buy is that the Giants are still very much a work in progress. The jelling process is taking a little longer than anticipated on several critical units, namely the offensive line and the defensive secondary. Those would be the two units I’d say are under the most pressure to get it together and fast.

But here’s the other thing that is concerning, besides, you know, Barkley being on injured reserve. The Giants are still making mistakes that head coach Joe Judge tried to “run” out of town via laps, and the players have also been inconsistent with finishing plays.

I get it: general manager Dave Gettleman has been at this for three years now trying to fix this team. He hasn’t been perfect. But as yourself how much of a favor team ownership has done in starting over three times since 2016 with new coaching staffs, two of which, by the way, came under Gettleman’s watch.

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