Yea or Nay? Would Giants Fans Be Willing to Sign a Waiver to Attend Games Despite COVID-19 Risk?

Patricia Traina

“Count me in!”

That is the sentiment expressed by just over half (51.7%) of the over 2,100 football fans who responded to my recent Twitter poll asking if they would sign a waiver agreeing to hold the team harmless if they were to be infected by COVID-19 related to their attendance at a Giants games this fall.

Overall there was a healthy debate among fans who participated not just in the poll but who left a comment afterward. Gina K., who, despite saying that she would stay home this year to watch games, voted yes in the poll, saying, “I say yes because that would be a personal choice if I decided to attend. I would do so knowing the risk involved. The only person to blame if I went and got sick would be myself.”

Then there were fans who because of a pre-existing condition such as diabetes or hypertension, are not willing to take any unnecessary chances with their health, like @DebsNYGGiants69, who said that while she “loves my G-men” that “the risk is too great to be at any sporting events this year.”

Other fans who responded just didn't see the risk outweighing the benefits. "I'm not going to attend any sporting events this year," wrote @WinnieWhiskers. "The risk isn't worth it as far as I'm concerned."

That's a similar sentiment as chosen by @thrillisback, who wrote, "Now...that's a tricky question...because that would depend on the success of the team..."

User @AllOvaJersey said he would attend games, but with a condition: "Only if stadium staff is compensated at double their normal pay rate."

For the most part, many of those who responded said that if they did decide to go, assuming any risk would be on them, and they were aware of such a risk. 

Meanwhile, one fan mistakenly opined that because the COVID-19 virus is "over in New Jersey" (it is not "over" though what that person likely meant is that the curve has been flattened out in the state) there shouldn't be a debate.

And then there were a fair number of fans who voted yes, claiming that they were "young and healthy" and that even if they caught the virus, they were confident of recovering from it.

Sadly, the coronavirus isn't going away anytime soon, even if we take the proper precautions like wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing. 

Even if a vaccine is available by the end of the year, there's no guarantee that people will take advantage of it, just like there is no guarantee that the masses take the annual flu vaccination.

The Giants, who have been flexible with season ticket holders in terms of pushing back payment due dates, recently announced that season ticket holders could opt out of 2020 with no penalty.  


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NO problem doing that since how the CDC and NIH are now counting "probable" cases as confirmed cases. That's why the numbers are exploding! Don't believe me? Read their own documents!!! Look under "What is a probable case". This explodes the number by 16X!!!!!