Giants Darius Slayton and BJ Hill Share a Playful Twitter Exchange

Giants head coach Joe Judge wanted a family atmosphere in his locker-room--even if that family atmosphere sometimes involves some playful ribbing between teammates as was the case with Darius Slayton and BJ Hill.
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Is there anything more heartwarming than the bond formed between athletes who battle alongside one another for a common goal?

Such is the closeness that some teammates form that they often aren’t afraid to refer to themselves as “brothers/sisters from different mothers.”

Well, just like real siblings, there’s usually a degree of good-natured teasing among teammates with close bonds, such as a recent Twitter exchange between Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton and defensive lineman B.J. Hill.

It all began when Slayton commented on a short video clip showing some intense water survival training done by the U.S. Marines.

In his tweet, Slayton marveled over a Marine’s response during training to being tossed into a deep pool of water despite his hands and feet being bound, commenting how he would have probably panicked if he had been in that situation.

That brought a playful response from Hill.

Not one to miss a beat, Slayton tossed this jab back at Hill: 

To which Hill replied:

But seriously, all appears to be well between the teammates, who next month will reconvene with the rest of the team (including some new faces that are certain to be added via free agency) for the start of the off-season program, a program that’s expected to be conducted virtually.

Considering one of the camaraderie building exercises is video games, don’t be surprised if this playful exchange between Slayton and Hill spills over to a classic video game match between two teammates who appear to truly define the "brothers from different mothers" concept. 

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