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2023 NFL Draft: Jaguars Set to Pick No. 7 After Week 13

The Jaguars are back in the top-10 after a brutal loss against the Lions in Week 13.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. As is true with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the current NFL Draft order, with the Jaguars finding themselves in familiar territory. 

After an embarrassing 40-14 loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 13, the Jaguars are currently sitting at No. 7 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft order after being No. 11 a week ago. Via Tankathon, here is the order of the top-18 as things stand through Week 13.

No. 1: Houston Texans 

No. 2: Chicago Bears 

No. 3: Seattle Seahawks (via Denver Broncos) 

No. 4: Detroit Lions (via Los Angeles Rams)

No. 5: Philadelphia Eagles (via New Orleans Saints) 

No. 6: Carolina Panthers 

No. 7: Jacksonville Jaguars 

No. 8: Arizona Cardinals 

No. 9: Indianapolis Colts 

No. 10: Atlanta Falcons 

No. 11: Green Bay Packers 

No. 12: Las Vegas Raiders 

No. 13: Houston Texans (via Cleveland Browns) 

No. 14: Pittsburgh Steelers 

No. 15: Detroit Lions 

No. 16: Los Angeles Chargers 

No. 17: New England Patriots 

No. 18: Washington Commanders

"You pick your spots. These guys understand what they’ve done, what we’ve done, this football team, and where we are. A game like yesterday is unacceptable for anybody, and the players are included," Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said on Monday after the Jaguars' loss dropped them to 4-8 with five games remaining. 

"They understand that. For me, it’s not about yelling and screaming and trying to get their attention that way but still having serious, hard conversation. I want them to understand what’s in front of us. Still five games and three division. As crazy as it sounds, we’re not out of anything. It’s still right in front of us. It’s my job to make sure they understand that. I think the more you try to yell and scream, put a lot of pressure and heat, this and that, they get tight and tense and don’t play well. I still want them to be loose and play and have fun and all that, but at the same time, they’ve got to understand that this is a disciplined game, and we’ve got to be more disciplined than we were yesterday.”

With five weeks left and with the Jaguars still set to play the Titans twice, the Jets and the Cowboys, the Jaguars could be looking at a near top-10 lock with another loss. Only four teams in the NFL have fewer wins, while four other teams have four wins. 

The Jaguars have picked No. 7 overall just twice: selecting quarterback Byron Leftwich in 2003 and edge rusher Josh Allen in 2019.

The last 10 players to be selected No. 7 overall include:

  • Evan Neal 
  • Penei Sewell
  • Derrick Brown 
  • Josh Allen 
  • Josh Allen (Bills)
  • Mike Williams 
  • DeForest Buckner 
  • Kevin White Bears 
  • Mike Evans  
  • Jonathan Cooper