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Jaguars Stock Report: Who Is Trending Up After Colts Blowout?

Whose stocks are on the rise and whose are falling after the Colts game?

It isn't hard to find positives after a game like Jacksonville's 24-0 win over the Indianapolis Colts at home last week. With such a dominant showing, it is like finding a needle in a haystack when it comes to finding even the most glaring negative. 

"Again to me, it goes back to practice and the way they practice is the way they play. They expect to practice well so they expect to play well and win those games," Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said on Monday. 

"Credit the players for having that mindset and having that attitude each week. It just shows confidence in them and kind of where they are, the maturity of the football team. Not every weekend’s going to be like that but yesterday it was and it’s something I think that the guys can kind of feed off of.”

So, which Jaguars are on the rise and who is coming off a poor showing on Sunday afternoon? We break it down in this week's stock report.

Stock Up

Trevor Lawrence

No player needed a bigger week than Trevor Lawrence. And while he got plenty of help from the coaching staff, offensive line and skill players against the Colts, a Lawrence performance with just five incompletions is a hell of an outing considering his accuracy issues in the past. Lawrence led all quarterbacks in adjusted EPA/Play in Week 2 and was No. 2 in CPOE; it was the game of his career, and it came at a time the Jaguars really needed to see it.

“I just think the way he controlled and managed the offense, his efficiency, getting the ball out of his hand, he saw the defense extremely well, found the right guys in the right spots," Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said this week. 

"Again, we talked all last week about the [Colts Defensive Coordinator] Gus Bradley type of defense, you kind of know where they’re going to be, so we have to maintain that discipline on offense and Trevor’s part of that. He did an outstanding job in the game just delivering the football and [he was] very accurate too. It wasn’t a lot of back shoulders or low balls, things like that. He was very accurate with that.”

Josh Allen

The only player in the NFL with two forced fumbles and two sacks this season, Josh Allen has been a consistent force for the Jaguars in 2022. He was good in Week 1 but elevated his game to great in Week 2, consistently applying pressure off the edge and on stunts and setting a hard edge vs. the run. It has become more and more clear he is the most naturally explosive defender on the Jaguars' roster.

Travon Walker

Another player who took his game to a new level this week was No. 1 overall pick Travon Walker. Walker obviously flashed in Week 1 with a sack and interception, but he was more of a consistent disruptive force against the Colts. He dominated in the running game and helped create at least one sack and one interception for his teammates. 

“You can see that with Travon up front. A lot of things that go unnoticed as far as how he squeezes a gap off and helps someone else," Jaguars defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell said on Thursday. "Just by his pure physicalness, that’s unseen. With him out there, it’s a big advantage for our defense.”

Marvin Jones

Marvin Jones will always bring value to the Jaguars' offense due to his wisdom and veteran leadership, but his play has been just as strong through two weeks. He made some big grabs against the Colts, catching three passes for 33 yards but also doing a lot to open up spacing in the rest of the offense for Christian Kirk, Evan Engram and Zay Jones. Considering some of the hits he took, too, it was a gritty performance.

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Rayshawn Jenkins

Sunday was the best game Rayshawn Jenkins has had as a Jaguar. He recorded four pass deflections and an interception, the first of his tenure as a Jaguar. He was a consistent force in the running game and helped play a big part in the Jaguars shutting the Colts out during a late-game red-zone trip.

“He played well. He played sound," Doug Pederson said this week. "He’s one of the leaders back there. He played physical the whole game. Took on a shot from their runner and stood in there, so yeah, he played real well.”

Devin Lloyd

The No. 27 overall pick had an uneven Week 1 but was terrific in Week 2. He was PFF's highest-graded rookie in all of the NFL, recording six tackles, three pass breakups and his first-career interception. He was a player the Jaguars said they wanted to see the game slow down for in Week 2 and it looked like it did that and some. 

“I saw the progress. I think the game slowed down for him a little, he was able to make the plays he was supposed to make and then make a couple that he wasn’t," Caldwell said. 

"It’s always good to have him just continue to progress. He’ll be a good player in this league, and right now we just want him to develop and play within his own framework and timetable. We’re happy with where he’s at.”

Andre Cisco

While Rayshawn Jenkins got a lot of the publicity for his big game against the Colts, Andre Cisco was impressive at the other safety spot in his own right. He did a good job as the support player in run defense, consistently flying downhill and wrapping up a tackler with a team-lead four solo tackles, while also picking off Matt Ryan for the first interception of his career.

Jawaan Taylor and Cam Robinson

The Jaguars' offensive tackles have played well to kick off 2022, sans a few reps against Montez Sweat in Week 1. Right tackle Jawaan Taylor hasn't allowed a pressure through two games and has more importantly also not had a single penalty after being one of the most penalized tackles the last three years, while Robinson's becoming a more consistent and higher-ceiling version of himself. 

Run defense

A lot of credit needs to go to Jacksonville's front seven -- a lot. The biggest reason the Colts couldn't get Jonathan Taylor (five carries for four yards in the first-half) going on Sunday was because the Jaguars' defensive line dominated the Colts' blockers. Roy Robertson-Harris, DaVon Hamilton, Adam Gotsis and Foley Fatukasi all had moments of brilliance, with each also having some impressive reps against all-world guard Quenton Nelson.

"It was a pleasure to see those guys play," Caldwell said. "They come in and they don’t get a lot of credit for what they do, but they’re consistent and they’re players that can make an impact on the game. Those guys did a great job of doing it.”

Chad Muma

No, Chad Muma didn't log any defensive snaps on Sunday, but he did make an impact. Muma was a frenzied Tasmanian Devil when it came to special teams coverage, making three tackles on kickoff/punt coverage teams after blowing up the Colts' blocking assignments. He is already one of the best special teams players on the team.

Stock Down

Jamal Agnew

There are a lot of people excited about Jamal Agnew if he holds onto his drop in the end-zone on a gorgeous Lawrence pass. Agnew is still looking for a big play after being given a few different looks the last two weeks, while teams are mostly staying away from him on special teams.

Luke Fortner

On one hand, Luke Fortner drew two of the best defensive tackle duos in the NFL in his first two games in Daron Payne/Jon Allen and DeForest Buckner/Grover Stewart. Still, he has arguably been the weak link on an otherwise solid offensive line. He deserves time to grow and develop, but he needs to have fewer losses in the running game.

Snoop Conner

The Jaguars traded up to select Ole Miss running back Snoop Conner in the fifth-round of April's draft, passing on several other productive backs. The thought was Conner could step into the No. 3 running back role right away, but that hasn't been the case, with him instead now being a healthy scratch in back-to-back weeks to start the year. Even with a run-heavy game plan, the Jaguars still didn't have room for Conner.