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NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: Jaguars on the Rise After Shutout vs. Colts

With Week 2 in the books, where do we see the Jaguars this week?

The Jacksonville Jaguars sit alone at the top of the AFC South after a wild Week 2 in the NFL. As a result, they are naturally on the rise in a big way in terms of power ranking among their peers.

"Yeah, we know what we’re capable of. We hold ourselves to a high standard. We work our butts off every single day," Jaguars tight end Evan Engram said on Monday. 

"The media, all the fan reactions, all that stuff, you guys are the professionals in that stuff. We’re professionals going out there playing football. We’re trying to win as many games as possible and be a successful team. We’re just really pumped because we work really hard. We work really, really hard. Everybody. We deserve that one and we’re going to keep working hard to go get more.”

So with the Jaguars fresh off a 24-0 win over the Indianapolis Colts, where do we them in this week's power rankings? We break it down below, with their rise or decrease from the previous week listed along with each ranking.

No. 32: Carolina Panthers (-1)

The Panthers are down bad. Matt Rhule is arguably the worst coach in the NFL and Baker Mayfield isn't a quality starting quarterback. The way they lost to the Giants shows just how far back they are.

No. 31: Atlanta Falcons (-4)

Arthur Smith has two fantastic young receiving options in Drake London and Kyle Pitts, but he only seems to want to get the former involved. The Falcons had a nice comeback, but they still are an incomplete team that can't finish games.

No. 30: Houston Texans (0) 

The Texans have some really impressive young pieces, but they will struggle until they land a quarterback.

No. 29: Indianapolis Colts (-11)

Add on a declining Matt Ryan to a Gus Bradley scheme that can easily be defeated and it is tough to find much to be optomistic about when it comes to the Colts. 

No. 28: Chicago Bears (-3)

Woof. That was ugly. The Bears' dropback offense looks as bad as we all expected entering the season, with no metrics being kind to Justin Fields at this point.

No. 27: Tennessee Titans (-5) 

The Titans faced the best team in the AFC on Monday Night Football and looked like they weren't even playing the same sport. They are old and banged-up, a pretty dangerous combo. 

No. 26: New York Jets (+3) 

Joe Flacco and the Jets' young core are feisty enough to hang around some weeks. Breece Hall, Garrett Wilson, Sauce Gardner are all legit players already.

No 25: Dallas Cowboys (+7)

Yes, the Cowboys are in trouble until Dak Prescott returns, but Micah Parsons is the early leader for DPOY and is leading a unit that is driving the team.

No. 24: Seattle Seahawks (0)

The Seahawks came back crashing down to earth this week. They have enough talent issues and flaws keeping them from becoming a contender, but they are tough enough to not be a bottom-feeder.

No. 23: Cincinnati Bengals (-14)

The Bengals' offense is broken, and they have lost to Cooper Rush and Mitch Trubisky. Ah man. Goodnight.

No. 22: Pittsburgh Steelers (+1)

The Steelers' offense will keep them from contending this year, but they will likely keep falling around this mark. 

No. 21: Las Vegas Raiders (-5)

The Raiders are far from a bad team but it is clear they are still having to learn how to win and put a team away. There is a learning curve, and their schedule doesn't help.

No. 20: Denver Broncos (-1) 

Russell Wilson looks just OK, but Nathaniel Hackett looks much worse. The Broncos may be the worst-coached team this year.

No. 19: New York Giants (+2) 

The Giants have played sloppy football against two winless teams to go 2-0, so we are still waiting to see a bit more.

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No. 18: New England Patriots (+8)

The Patriots have scored just 24 points so far, but their defense should keep them in games most weeks.

No. 17: San Francisco 49ers (+3)

San Francisco is making a change at quarterback due to Trey Lance's injury, but it shouldn't be expected to move them down too much.

No. 16: Minnesota Vikings (-4)

Kirk Cousins looked like he was shell-shocked on Monday night. If that Kirk keeps appearing, they are in trouble. 

No. 15: Jacksonville Jaguars (+13)

There isn't an advanced metric that doesn't love the Jaguars through two weeks. The win over the Colts was a statement for the offense, defense and special teams.

No. 14: Arizona Cardinals (-3)

Arizona beat the Raiders in overtime to earn their first win of the season, but they have looked like one of the most suspect teams of the preseason favorites, even with a win.

No. 13: New Orleans Saints (0)

The Saints look like a tough team that has several red flags keeping them from being a good team. They will likely fall in here as the weeks go.

No. 12: Washington Commanders: (+3)

Washington moves up despite a loss. They have a lot of weapons, but they mostly benefit from the teams around them falling.

No. 11: Cleveland Browns (-1) 

The Browns had an epic collapse at the hand of the Jets, but luckily there isn't much separation outside of the top-10.

No. 10: Detroit Lions (+7)

Watch out for the Lions. Their running game has been humming and they have one of the best slot receivers in football in Amon-Ra St. Brown.

No. 9: Miami Dolphins (+5) 

The Dolphins simply have too many weapons on offense to ever count them out. Tyreek Hill gives them a touchdown opportunity on every drive.

No. 8: Los Angeles Rams (0)

The Rams nearly let the Falcons back into the game, but Matthew Stafford looked like his old self. They stick in the top-10, for now.

No. 7: Green Bay Packers (-1)

The Packers won this week, but they do not look as dominant as some of the teams in front of them. Add in last week's ugly loss and this feels right.

No. 6: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1)

If Tampa can't get its offense going soon, they could tumble. For now, their defense is keeping them as a tough team to beat.

No. 5: Los Angeles Chargers (-1)

The loss to the Chiefs last week showed just how close the Chargers are in the AFC West. They didn't win, but it was a dogfight. 

No. 4: Baltimore Ravens (-1)

The Ravens have to figure out their defensive issues to prevent wasting what has so far been a career year for Lamar Jackson. He has been on a tear to start the year and should keep them in every game.

No. 3: Philadelphia Eagles (+4)

The Eagles are just perfectly built. Money in the trenches and at corner and receiver, with an emphasis on being multiple on offense. Jalen Hurts is playing the best ball of his career.

No. 2: Kansas City Chiefs (0)

Patrick Mahomes is one of the two to three best football players on the planet, and next week he gets Gus Bradley. Good luck.

No. 1: Buffalo Bills (0)

The Bills used the Titans as toothpicks on Monday night. It was like watching Alabama vs. a cupcake non-Power 5 team. They are simply on a different level than the rest of the NFL right now.