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Welcome To Jaguar Report+

Jaguar Report+ will be bringing you even more in-depth coverage and content on the news, stories and other happenings of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Hello, all. 

First of all, a thank you: thank you to every person who has read and supported JaguarReport since it launched last August. Covering the Jacksonville Jaguars with boots on the ground has been the pleasure of my journalistic career to this point, and I am beyond excited to see what comes next. 

A part of the exciting future ahead will be Jaguar Report+, a new feature set to launch soon. This will be Jaguar Report's premium room, where we'll be designating specific premium-caliber content to this space only, as well as using it to give premium users chances to interact with our primary beat reporter. 

Getting access to the Jaguar Report+ room will eventually come at the cost of a small monthly subscription, in which event it will be for Jaguar Report staff and premium members only. Fret not, because the majority of our Jaguars content and direct coverage will still be readily available, though you won't want to miss out on the extra content from Jaguar Report+.

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Eventually, Jaguar Report+ will come at a cost of $5.99 per month. Premium members who sign up will also get a complimentary subscription to the Sports Illustrated magazine. 

More info will come out in the near future, but we wanted to give you a chance to get an understanding of what this feature of our site will be. Once again, thank you for your loyal support and readership before, now, and in the future. The urge to educate and entertain fans and readers is what fuels our coverage, and we hope to continue to make it worth your while.