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After 3–7 Start, Where Do Jaguars Find Next Win and What Will the Final Record Be?

With just seven games left on the schedule, what do we think the Jaguars do in the final stretch of the season?

The Jacksonville Jaguars' season is on its last legs after a 3-7 start, making their Week 11 bye come at just the right time. 

This is the first time since 2014 the team has had a Bye Week in Week 11 or later, and for this Jaguars team it seems like an ideal situation. The first 10 weeks went as many likely thought they would before the season, but the reality of the present has seen the Jaguars blow opportunities more often than not in each of their losses. 

“I wouldn’t say it’s easy, it’s hard every day I walk into this building. It’s hard. It’s going to be hard, it’s as simple as that. Same as last year, it’s going to be hard," Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins said on Tuesday. 

"Even if I was on a good team right now, it’ll be hard to do whatever we need to do because it’s the National Football League. The margin of error is very small in this league. The way we’re doing it from this point on, we’re just going to have to do it with discipline and be relentless.”

So with seven games left on the Jaguars' schedule, we are opting to take a week-by-week look at the upcoming slate to try to determine the record we think the Jaguars exit 2022 with. 

Week 12: Vs. Baltimore Ravens

Prediction: Loss (3-8)

One of the toughest games the Jaguars have left on their schedule is the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12. The Ravens are, as usual, depleted by injuries, but they are 6-3 and scoring 26 points per game. The Jaguars have struggled in a major way against mobile quarterbacks this season, and no quarterback is more mobile than Lamar Jackson. The Jaguars' offense has a good matchup vs. Baltimore, but it isn't as significant as the advantage Baltimore's offense has over Jacksonville's defense.

Week 13: @ Detroit Lions

Prediction: Win (4-8) 

The Lions have had a lot of the same problems as the Jaguars. They put together strong performances for nearly the entire game but someway, somehow fail in critical moments, leading to heartbreaking losses and baffling lost leads. I think the Jaguars' offense has enough firepower to score points on Detroit while I am unsure Detroit can consistently do the same.

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Week 14: @ Tennessee Titans

Prediction: Loss (4-9) 

The Titans just seem like an awful matchup for the Jaguars. Ryan Tannehill won't make many mistakes without being forced into them, while Derrick Henry is the type of battering ram the Jaguars have struggled with over the years. The Titans just find ways to win because they are able to make the critical plays in close games that decide matchups, something the Jaguars have failed to do.

Week 15: Vs. Dallas Cowboys

Prediction: Loss (4-10) 

Dak Prescott and this Cowboys offense against the Jaguars' defense just seems like a bad matchup for the Jaguars. Then you add in Micah Parsons and a takeover-happy defense against a young offense that has had issues with turning the ball over, and this isn't a great-looking game for the Jaguars.

Week 16: @ New York Jets

Prediction: Loss (4-11) 

The Jets' offense is a middling unit after the injury to Breece Hall, but their defense has enough teeth to frustrate the Jaguars over a four-quarter game, especially up front. The Jaguars' don't have the type of defense that can force Zach Wilson into making some of his trademarked mistakes.

Week 17: @ Houston Texans

Prediction: Win (5-11) 

The Jaguars should have beat the Houston Texans in Week 5. To date, it is still the worst and most inexcusable loss. The offense racked up over 400 yards but scored just six points because of turnovers in the red-zone and the most bone-headed play of Trevor Lawrence's young career. The Jaguars are simply a better team than Houston and should have answers when they face off in a rematch.

Week 18: Vs. Tennessee Titans

Prediction: Win (6-11) 

The Jaguars have been much better at home than on the road during Trevor Lawrence's time as starter. The Titans are likely due to drop a game later in the year after their mid-season hot streak, so if the Jaguars are going to beat them once, then it seems most likely it happens in Week 18.