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Amy Trask Defends Jaguars' Cam Robinson For Ejection in Loss to Dolphins

Cam Robinson was strangely ejected for making contact with an official on Thursday Night Football, leading to Amy Trask coming to his defense on Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars left tackle Cam Robinson isn't the only person who has questions about his ejection in the third quarter of the team's 31-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. In fact, he is far from it. 

Robinson's ejection was a controversial one when it took place on Thursday and things haven't exactly quieted down since then. With about 4:00 left in the third quarter, Garder Minshew was strip-sacked by Kyle Van Noy, resulting in a pile of players fighting for possession of the ball. In the middle of that pile were Robinson and a number of officials, with one referee in especially close proximity to Robinson on the ground.

Robinson would make a few attempts to move the referee's arm, which led Robinson to be flagged for making contact with an official and subsequently ejected.

Robinson himself questioned the call on Twitter after the game, and now it appears as if he is getting some national support. On Saturday, CBS Sports analyst and former CEO of the Oakland Raiders Amy Trask spoke about the strange call and why Robinson should do everything in his power to ensure the league doesn't fine him for the strange call.

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"Let me read you rule 12, section three, article one-e: 'under no circumstances is a player allowed to shove, push or strike an official in an offensive, disrespectful or unsportsmanlike manner,'" Trask said on Sunday. 

"Remember those last words? Cam Robinson of the Jaguars was in a fumble pile. ... You've been in those piles, you know what goes on," Trask would tell her other hosts, which included several former players. 

"There's jabbing, bumping thumping. Everything's going on. Cam tried to remove an arm and then another arm. They may have been bumping and thumping and elbows may have been jabbing him. And one of those arms was that of an official. I don't think Cam knew that. And even if he knew it, it wasn't disrespectful to try to remove that arm. And yet they threw a flag and they ejected him. There is no chance whatsoever that it was offensive, disrespectful or unsportsmanlike. Cam, if they try to fine you, fight it. Fight it, fight it, fight it. Give me a call. I'll help."

It remains to be seen whether Robinson will be fined by the league for making contact with an official. But if they do, maybe he can call Trask to help him make his case.