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Jaguars DVOA, EPA Update: Where Do Trevor Lawrence and the Team Rank After Week 13?

Did the Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence rise or fall in this week's look at the adcanced metrics?

Each week throughout the rest of the 2022 season, we will keep a running track on how the Jacksonville Jaguars stack up in some of the most pivotal and stable advanced team metrics, along with how Trevor Lawrence ranks among all qualifying passers.

So, where do the Jaguars land after their 40-14 blowout loss against the Detroit Lions in Week 13? We break it down below.


In terms of overall ranking, the Jaguars are the No. 24 team in Football Outsiders' DVOA rankings. They were No. 20 last week.

In terms of DVOA, the Jaguars are the No. 17 offense, the No. 29 defense, and the No, 13 special teams unit.


All EPA/Success Rate stats are via

DVOA: No. 17

Passing DVOA: No. 13

Rushing DVOA: No. 23

EPA/Play: No. 12

Success rate: No. 8

Dropback EPA: No. 8

Dropback success rate: No. 6

Rushing EPA: No. 23

Rushing success rate: No. 16


All EPA/Success Rate stats are via

DVOA: No. 29

Pass DVOA: No. 31

Rush DVOA: No. 13

EPA/Play: No. 25

Success rate: No. 22

Dropback EPA: No. 28

Dropback success rate: No. 26

Rushing EPA: No. 12

Rushing success rate: No. 14

Trevor Lawrence

All EPA/Success Rate stats are via

DYAR: No. 15

DVOA: No. 17

QBR: No. 17

Effective yards: No. 14

Completion %: No. 16

TD%: No. 19

INT%: No. 7

Y/A: No. 22

AY/A: No. 17

NY/A: No. 15

ANY/A: No. 13

Sack%: No. 10

EPA/play: No. 13

CPOE: No. 14

Success rate: No. 8