Jaguars Offseason Mailbag: Can We Expect Todd Wash to Return, and Other Questions

John Shipley

As the 2020 offseason continues to progress, JaguarReport will take Jacksonville Jaguars-related questions from our readers across social media and answer them in a question-and-answer format, giving readers a chance to have their voices heard.

You can submit your questions every week by tweeting them to the JaguarMaven twitter handle or our Facebook page.

This week, we tackle questions concerning defensive coordinator Todd Wash, the linebacker group, Yannick Ngakoue, and more. 

From @dospoy: With the amount of change in the organization, and the seemingly long delay with other moves, can we expect Wash to return as the DC, and if so, how is this subpar coaching accepted? Historically garbage defense for most of the season should require change.

For starters, you can expect Todd Wash to return in 2020 as the defensive coordinator. If the Jaguars were going to make a change at the spot, one would rightfully assume they would have already done so. 

As for the second part of your question, it is hard to really justify keeping Wash in any capacity. The Jaguars' defense lacked talent for much of 2019, but the unit was subpar even when at full strength. Wash's scheme was easy for offensive coordinators to figure out over the past few seasons, and this was on full display in 2019. The only argument the Jaguars can make is the fact that 2019 was clearly the worst year of Wash's four-year tenure and his body of work suggests he is a better defensive coordinator than last season reflects, but that isn't a great argument considering the context of the team. 

From @javalb_ : Your Favorite 1T's to look for in the draft/FA?

Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown is the obvious answer, but others make sense as well. Utah defensive tackle Leki Fotu is a mountain in shoulder pads, and Ole Miss defensive tackle Beto Jones has a unique blend of size, strength, and quickness that suggests he can be a force vs. both the run and pass from the nose tackle position. As for free agents, quite a few are good fits. Any of D.J. Reader, Michael Pierce, Javon Hargrave, or Andrew Billings would be upgrades for Jacksonville's defensive line.

From @acosta32_jp : Who ends up being cut in order to create enough cap to re-sign Yan?

It wouldn't be hard for the Jaguars to make room for Yannick Ngakoue if the two sides are eventually able to come to an agreement. Cutting Marcell Dareus alone saves $20 million while cutting ties with Jake Ryan and Marqise Lee would also give the Jaguars a good bit of breathing room. Look at Andrew Norwell as a dark horse candidate to be cut as well.

From @bobuhasspoken : Chances the Jags move Foles? Can they cover part of his salary if they do? Lastly, mocks have Jags going defense with both first-round picks? Please say that ain’t so...

Don't think the chances of the Jaguars being able to trade Nick Foles are all that high. In the event they do trade him, they would still be on the hook for quite a bit of money, though they would also save more money compared to if they cut him or keep him on the active roster. He isn't a very enticing asset to other teams right now for several reasons, so the only real scenario he gets moved is if Jacksonville is willing to part with a draft pick in doing so, something that seems out of Dave Caldwell's nature. 

As for the second question, it wouldn't be too out there for the Jaguars to invest in their defense with both first-round picks. The offense needs better playmakers and blockers for sure, but as of now, it has more talent than the Jaguars' defense. After Josh Allen, Calais Campbell, and Ngakoue, the defense doesn't have any real difference makers. First-round players could chance that.

From @ayeItsESBN : We talk about if Doug Marrone gets fired mid-season but what are the odds Dave Caldwell would be gone mid-season?

Going to put those odds around zero. General managers rarely get fired during the season, especially those who are lone front office leaders like Dave Caldwell is in Jacksonville without Tom Coughlin around. If the Jaguars were to move on from Caldwell, it would almost certainly happen once a season wraps up and not anytime sooner. It just isn't how Shad Khan does business. 

From @kyyyyyyy1e : Would moving down from 9 or up from 20 make sense?

Moving down from the ninth overall selection wouldn't make much sense for the Jaguars considering how much of an injection of talent they need right now. Jacksonville needs the best players it can possibly get, and aren't in the position to not improve their roster via a top 10 selection. 

Moving up from 20th is another scenario that would be hard to envision happening. Since Jacksonville has so many holes, expect the Jaguars to hold onto their draft picks tightly.

From @mbhodges904 : Cory Littleton (via FA) or Isaiah Simmons (draft)? 

This is a really, really tough one. Going to lean Simmons here, but only because Littleton will likely command a big-time contract this March. It makes sense why, considering his age (26), lack of wear and tear (two seasons as a starter), and his overall talent and coverage ability. But an argument can be made that Simmons could hypothetically provide a lot of the same things Littleton would, and he would be doing it on a rookie contract as opposed to one of the largest linebacker contracts in the NFL. You can't go wrong with either of these guys, though.

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