Jaguars Offseason Mailbag: What Other Moves Can the Team Make Before the Draft?

John Shipley

As the 2020 offseason progresses, JaguarReport will take Jacksonville Jaguars-related questions from social media and give our takes on the most pressing questions fans have about their team. From quarterbacks, to free agency, to the NFL Draft, we address it all.

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This week, we take questions on what other moves the Jaguars can make before April 23, which players the team could target to replace Yannick Ngakoue, and more. 

From @lesper47: Do you see the Jags making any other free agent moves (Griffin or Ryan maybe)? Would you like the Jags to trade for Anthony Harris?

At this point, the only free agent move before the draft that would make much sense is adding a player like running back Chris Thompson. Thompson would be able to cheaply fill a hole on the Jaguars' roster in terms of a space back who can catch out of the backfield on third downs and he has years of experience with Jay Gruden. Jacksonville would be better off diverting its resources elsewhere otherwise. As for Harris, we wrote a few weeks ago why trading for him would be a good move by general manager Dave Caldwell. They have the resources to make it happen and they need a playmaker in the secondary.

From @TickleMyKneecap: Which later round RB could be the best fit for us?

The running back that is the best fit for the Jaguars after the initial rounds is Appalachian State’s Darrynton Evans. Evans (5-foot-10, 203-pounds) is built to thrive in space thanks to his explosive, agility, and smooth running style. He was a productive receiver out of the backfield in 2019 (five receiving touchdowns) and could be leaned on as a third down or change of pace back early at the next level.

From @NFLMockstar: Which OT is the ideal fit for OT?

Tristan Wirfs. He has the size and length the Jaguars like at offensive tackle, along with the athleticism, footwork, and pass blocking prowess to fill a need at left tackle. Ben Bartch and Mekhi Becton are good fits as well, but Wirfs just seems like their "type" thanks to his agility, explosiveness, and tenacity. 

From @lagisp: How likely do you think it is they use one of their first three picks on a WR?

It would be surprising if the Jaguars exited day two of the draft without a new wide receiver. While it remains to be seen if they use one of their first three picks on one, it would make sense for them to take a tight end with any of their first, second, or third-round selections. It is a deep wide receiver draft, however, so the Jaguars could always wait to find value, though it is more likely that they invest early in a wide receiver to help take the offense to another level.

From @elisha_elite: Do you think the Jags should pursue Cam Newton or stick with Minshew?

I will explain this in another post in the near future, but the best way it can be put would be that it would be hard to blame the Jaguars for either decision when it comes to Cam Newton. A healthy Newton is more proven at this level than Gardner Minshew II, but Minshew has also done enough to earn the favor of the Jaguars' decision makes. I think either adding Newton or sticking with Minshew makes sense. 

From @F3RopeADope: Thoughts on Yan getting traded AFTER the draft? 

This may be a possibility, but it should be a back-burner option for Dave Caldwell and Doug Marrone. Caldwell and Marrone need to win in 2020, so what do 2021 picks really do for them and their job security? It would still help the team in the long-term, but it seems unlikely the Jaguars would be too enthusiastic about making a move that makes them worse in 2020 and doesn't improve the team for another year. 

From @Marshim: What happens to Cam Robinson if we draft a LT? Does he have the skill set to play guard?

Cam Robinson is an NFL-level offensive lineman. He is a terrific run blocker who has shown flashes of pass-blocking proficiency, but injuries have hampered his development. There is still a place for him if the Jaguars take a left tackle, but it might be as a swing tackle or as a sixth lineman on run plays. Robinson moving to guard could help him crack the starting lineup, but it should be noted he has never played the position. Plus, the Jaguars like the three players they have at guard now.

From @keanukarg: When Marrone, Caldwell, & Gruden talk up the offensive line and “expect them to make a jump” does that signal that they won’t go OL early in the draft or would you think it’s a smokescreen?

Don't think it is either or, honestly. It makes sense for the trio to be high on aspects of the line since Brandon Linder had a great 2019, A.J. Cann and Will Richardson were encouraging, and Jawaan Taylor showed great promise. But on the flip side, it is harder to believe the Jaguars are as confident in Cam Robinson as they may have indicated so far. So in a sense, I do think the Jaguars are high on most of their offensive line, but an early pick being a lineman wouldn't be surprising either. 

From @javalb_: Thoughts on drafting a H-back or more inline TE to pair with Oliver long term?

The Jaguars lost Seth DeValve to the Carolina Panthers this offseason, and he was their main H-back player last season. Josh Oliver, or even Tyler Eifert, could perform in that role in 2020, though it makes sense for the Jaguars to go with a tight end who is more proven as a blocker in space.