Week 2 Power Rankings: How Far Do the Jaguars Fall?

Where do the Jaguars heading into Week 2?
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As the Jacksonville Jaguars take the field this weekend to snap their 16-game losing streak, will they be able to shake off the negativity from last week's loss to the Houston Texans?

This weekend, they'll have that chance in their home opener against the Denver Broncos. But can the Jags get out of the hole they've already dug themselves into?

Here's a look at our weekly NFL power rankings:

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (-5)

After the Jaguars lost by multiple scores to the team ranked 32nd last week, they find themselves replacing the Houston Texans in the 32nd spot. A win Sunday could catapult the team up several spots, but for now, until they prove otherwise, the Jags sit in the 32nd position. The only way to go is up from here.

31. New York Jets (-)

Zach Wilson struggled to get much going on the offensive side of the football in his NFL debut against the Panthers. Perhaps he'll have more luck this weekend against the Patriots at home.

30. Atlanta Falcons (-2)

The team started the year with two straight scoring drives but then got shut out by an average Eagles defense. The Falcons have potential to jump up several spots this week if they can perform well against the defending champion Buccaneers.

29. Detroit Lions (+1)

While the Lions surprised many fans by putting up 33 points on the scoreboard, the defense leaves a lot to be desired.

28. Houston Texans (+4)

Despite starting the season 1-0, the Texans have very little going for them and a date with the Cleveland Browns this weekend should reveal more of who this team really is.

27. New York Giants (-3)

The offense was as slow as a slug and the team lost by two touchdowns in front of their home crowd. Definitely not the start to a season that you're looking for.

26. Philadelphia Eagles (+3)

Jalen Hurts looked promising and the defense balled out, but I'm waiting for them to beat a more competitive opponent before I give them a huge boost in these rankings. A win against the 49ers this weekend could help them out.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (-)

The Bengals picked up a big overtime win over the Vikings this weekend, and this team is better than it was in 2020. Unfortunately, they find themselves in arguably the best division in football and their outlook is not as shiny as other teams ahead of them on this list.

24. New England Patriots (-2)

The Patriots had a chance to win this weekend but could not get the job done against the Dolphins at home. There's a lot of promise there, but for now, they have not warranted a ranking higher than 24.

23. Minnesota Vikings (-6)

The Vikings stumbled in their opening weekend against the Bengals, and their schedule doesn't get any easier as they head to Arizona to face the Cardinals this weekend.

22. Chicago Bears (-3)

While playing potentially the best team in the NFC on the road this past weekend, the Bears looked unimpressive and are trending in the direction of needing to play Justin Fields sooner rather than later.

21. Denver Broncos (+4)

The Broncos looked impressive in a win over the Giants this weekend. Up next comes a date with the Jaguars and a potential 2-0 start before playing a single game at home.

20. Carolina Panthers (+2)

The Panthers, as expected, won their season opener against the Jets. Now comes a bigger test against the defending NFC South champion New Orleans Saints, which could expose the team for who they are even more.

19. Washington Football Team (-4)

While staying competitive against the Los Angeles Chargers, losing QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is a big blow and is more of the reason for their fall than losing the actual game.

18. Indianapolis Colts (-6)

Arguably one of the biggest disappointments from Week 1, the Colts still have their next four games against teams that won 10 games or more. They're a talented bunch but they need to put more air into the balloon before it gets sucked out entirely.

17. Las Vegas Raiders (+4)

After one of the wildest games in NFL history, the Raiders proved that they can come back from big deficits and compete with some big-time teams.

16. Tennessee Titans (-7)

The Titans are this week's biggest fall after taking a 25-point loss at home. It's early in the season and they can climb back up, but it's going to take some time.

15. Dallas Cowboys (-1)

The Cowboys held their own and nearly pulled off a huge win, but it's hard for me to reward a team for losing by moving them higher on the list.

14. San Francisco 49ers (+3)

The Niners showed resilience by losing RB Raheem Mostert early in the game and still managing to have a 100-yard rusher in Elijah Mitchell. They were also the only team to score 40 points or more this weekend.

13. New Orleans Saints (+6)

The Saints came in and smacked the Packers, a top 5 team on last week's list. While it may be Jameis Winston under center instead of Drew Brees, head coach Sean Payton already seems to have found a rhythm with Winston, who threw for five touchdowns in the win.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (+3)

The Chargers faced a grueling Washington defense on the road and came out on top. It's hard to place this team amongst the elite teams in the NFL, but they are certainly heading in that direction.

11. Baltimore Ravens (-5)

After being 6th last week, Monday night's loss showed that this team has some adjustments to make with all of the injuries in their backfield. They are capable of making those adjustments because the Ravens are one of the best-coached teams in the league, but this team is not the same old Ravens that we've grown accustomed to over the past few years.

10. Green Bay Packers (-5)

After an embarrassing result against the Saints, the Packers have a lot of work to do to get back in the good graces of these power rankings.

9. Arizona Cardinals (+3)

The Cardinals may have the most electric offense in football and the defense ain't too shabby either. Chandler Jones recorded five sacks in a blowout road win over Tennessee.

8. Miami Dolphins (+2)

The Dolphins pride themselves on defense, which can get teams extremely far in this league. It also helps that they were the only team in the AFC East to win on opening weekend. A clash with the Bills this weekend could change that, but it could also further explain why the Dolphins are a Top 10 team in the league right now.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (+3)

The Steelers' defense shut down the top NFL offense from a year ago in Week 1. The way the team's season ended a year ago may have clouded how dominant this team was in the regular season last year after starting 11-0. This team might be on that trajectory again if the defense keeps this up.

6. Seattle Seahawks (+2)

The Seahawks were one of the more impressive teams in Week 1, defeating a playoff team from a year ago by multiple scores on the road. Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf could be the best wide receiver pair in the NFL.

5. Cleveland Browns (-)

Despite a loss to the Chiefs in which they were up multiple scores, the Browns held their own and showed why they were a Top 5 team heading into the season. This week, a matchup with the Houston Texans should give more reason why.

4. Buffalo Bills (-1)

Despite losing to a very good Steelers team, the Bills stay in the Top 5. We can't just count Josh Allen out yet. He's got several tricks up his sleeve and playing these strong defenses at the beginning of the season is going to help in the long run.

3. Los Angeles Rams (+1)

I was tempted to rank the Rams higher because they were outstanding on Sunday, but I couldn't justify moving one of the teams out of the top two. It's very possible the Rams could follow in the Bucs' footsteps and play in the Super Bowl at home.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (-)

Despite a shaky start against the Browns, the Chiefs showed why they are the two-time defending AFC Champions Sunday. The offense is incredibly dynamic and if the defense is able to force turnovers and make plays, the Chiefs could find themselves representing the AFC in the Super Bowl again.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-)

The champs stay the champs until proven otherwise. Tom Brady led a comeback once again on the final drive that gave the Bucs the necessary tone to start their title defense.