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With the Jacksonville Jaguars coming off a loss against the Atlanta Falcons, where do they stand compared to the rest of the NFL?

And after three straight losses following a 7-1 start, where do the Los Angeles Rams stand heading into this week's matchup against the Jags?

Here's a look at our weekly NFL power rankings:

32. Detroit Lions (-)

So close, yet so far away. The Lions stay at the bottom of the list winless.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (-1)

The Falcons couldn't score for two straight games and they still beat the Jags at home. Two steps forward, four steps back.

30. Houston Texans (-2)

Losing to the Jets at home is just another tally of embarrassing moments the franchise has had over 20 years.

29. New York Jets (+2)

Beating the Texans is not something to be proud of.

28. Seattle Seahawks (-3)

Russell Wilson looks broken. But at least Adrian Peterson is here to clean up the mess!

27. Chicago Bears (-)

The Bears' win over the Lions was the hardest thing to stomach this Thanksgiving.

26. New York Giants (+3)

The Giants kept their life support from being unplugged by beating the Eagles.

25. Atlanta Falcons (+1)

The Atlanta Cordarrelle Pattersons won their fifth game this past weekend, the same amount as the Washington Football Team, who currently hold the NFC's seventh seed.

24. Carolina Panthers (-2)

Cam Newton doesn't look like Superman and Christian McCaffrey is on IR. Back to the same old Panthers.

23. New Orleans Saints (-3)

After beating the Bucs at home, the Saints have fallen on hard times, losing four in a row. Tonight, Taysom Hill starts under center in an attempt to revive the season.

22. Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

The Eagles flew back down to Earth after Jalen Hurts threw three picks in a loss to the Giants.

21. Miami Dolphins (+3)

The Dolphins hold the league's second-longest win streak and the 'Fins are beginning to swim easily through the second half of their schedule.

20. Denver Broncos (+3)

Denver came through with a huge statement win at home against their division rival, the LA Chargers.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)

The Steelers have taken an absolute nosedive this week as the first team since Week 1 to fall seven spots.

18. Washington Football Team (+3)

The WFT haven't lost in a month and find themselves with five divisional games left to end their season.

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17. Minnesota Vikings (-2)

Kirk Cousins lining up over the left guard should warrant more of a dip, but the Steelers botched their Sunday up worse.

16. Las Vegas Raiders (+2)

The Raiders saved their season with a Thanksgiving win over the Cowboys, snapping a three-game slide.

15. Indianapolis Colts (-1)

Leonard Fournette pulled a Jonathan Taylor and it cost the Colts in one of the biggest games of the year.

14. Cleveland Browns (-1)

The Browns' freefall is coming. Forcing four interceptions and not winning is criminal for that offense.

13. San Francisco 49ers (+4)

Three straight victories for the Niners have them back in the playoff picture. A win against the Vikings made the team look more legitimate, and a win against the Seahawks this weekend can fortify them.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (-1)

The Chargers have the talent to be one of the best teams in the league, but their youth shows when they lose by multiple scores to the Broncos.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (+5)

The Bengals are back??? They're just one game back of first place in the whole AFC???

10. Los Angeles Rams (-3)

The Rams are 0-2 with Odell Beckham Jr. in the lineup.

9. Tennessee Titans (-4)

The Titans are beginning to show chinks in the armor, and this week's 23-point loss against the Patriots will be difficult to recover from.

8. Buffalo Bills (+2)

The Bills bounced back on Thanksgiving and have a chance to reclaim control of their own destiny on Monday Night Football against the Patriots.

7. Baltimore Ravens (+1)

The Ravens survived against the Browns, but by holding the top seed in the AFC, they control their own destiny.

6. Dallas Cowboys (-2)

The Cowboys have been conquered by COVID, but can they march in and beat the Saints on Thursday Night Football?

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1)

Leonard Fournette saved the day and kept the Bucs in the thick of things at the top of the NFC.

4. New England Patriots (+5)

The Patriots are the hottest team in the NFL and they get stronger each and every week.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (-)

The Chiefs were on bye for Thanksgiving, but let's see if it kills their momentum.

2. Green Bay Packers (-)

The Packers have played like the top team in the NFC for a while, and this week's win against the Rams proved that.

1. Arizona Cardinals (-)

The Cardinals have remained the top team despite Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins being down. They should only get better.