The JaguarMaven Podcast, EP. 5: Just How Bad Was Sunday's Loss, and When Will Changes Come?

John Shipley

Publisher John Shipley and contributor Trevan Pixley deliver the fifth episode of The JaguarMaven Podcast and discuss a number of Jacksonville Jaguars topics, ranging from the Jaguars' blowout loss over the weekend, why no staff changes have happened yet and where this season compares to past Jaguars failures.

After the team's fifth consecutive loss by 17 or more points, the hapless 2019 Jaguars are beginning to enter into historically bad territory. They are the first team since the 1986 Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lose five games in a row in such a manner. For context, that Buccaneers team went 2-14 and were so bad that No. one overall pick Bo Jackson refused to play for them. That is how bad this Jaguars team has been over the last month.

So how does this Jaguars stretch compare to some other bad stretches of Jacksonville football? John and Trevan dived into this, as well as how Sunday's 45-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers compared to other Jaguars losses of the past. 

John and Trevan also talk about how the lack of changes made thus far to the Jacksonville coaching staff and front office. So far, no coaches or executives have been fired despite several straight blowout losses. It appears as of now that Jacksonville is going to play the string out for 2019, so when should fans expect true changes? 

The two also talk some NFL Draft as they take questions from twitter, including if Jacksonville should be interested in taking a quarterback high despite the already full quarterback room of Gardner Minshew II and Nick Foles.

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