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Week 17 means a lot not just for teams looking to get into the playoffs or determine their seeding. It can also drastically see teams move up and down the first round draft board with a win or a loss. 

For instance, the New York Jets with a loss on Sunday could move as high as No. 6 in next April’s NFL Draft. But were the Jets to win at the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, they could end up picking as low as No. 13 (currently they hold the tenth pick according to Tankathon). 

But there is plenty to play – and lose – for several other teams. This includes the Detroit Lions, who at 3-11-1 have lost eight straight games. 

“Four teams are still in the running for No. 2: Washington, Detroit, Giants, and Miami,” said Matt Hoover, founder of Tankathon.  

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“Oakland can make the playoffs or it can pick as high as No. 10; their opponent is Denver, whom they can jump ahead of with a loss.” 

Two years ago, the Giants picked second overall and selected running back Saquon Barkley, a move that has certainly turned out well for the franchise. They followed up taking Barkley with a haul of three first round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft, including using the No. 6 pick on quarterback Daniel Jones. The Giants currently have the fourth pick as things stand. 

And like the Jets, Hoover notes that the Atlanta Falcons have quite a range of potential landing spots in the first round. The Falcons, who have won their last three games, could pick anywhere between No. 10 through No. 18, depending on their own result and how things shake out in other games. Currently, the Falcons sit at No. 13. 

The Cincinnati Bengals, who are 1-14 this season, have already locked-up the top pick in the first round of the draft.