What 'Black Friday' Specials Could the Jets Sign This Year?

Kristian Dyer

‘Black Friday’ is an American tradition, it is as engrained our psyche as much as pumpkin pie the day before. Or that the Detroit Lions will lose on Thanksgiving. 

But for the NFL, there are some good deals out there in terms of available players. Every week, NFL teams cut players and bring in new talent with alarming regularity. The acronym for the league, after all, is jokingly referred to as ‘Not For Long.’ 

So with the biggest day of shopping here, a look at some players currently unattached who could possibly help the 4-7 Jets this year and start an early audition for next year’s team. 

A reminder, almost all of these players would be considered the clearance aisle of the NFL, there is a reason why they aren’t on some team somewhere. But these are the type of players who sometimes can sneak onto an NFL roster and make a contribution. 

Antonio Brown – Don’t stop reading. Hear this one out. 

A month ago, Brown would have been a terrible fit for the Jets. The team was 1-7 and it seemed like head coach Adam Gase was on his way out. But the Jets have won three straight, the locker room has been united and the team is trending in the right direction. Gase has a firm grip on things and another win or two could go a long way towards selling the future of the franchise to free agents. 

Gase has handled other big personalities well while with the Jets, including running back Le’Veon Bell and safety Jamal Adams. Brown seemed to do well during his brief stay in discipline-rich Foxboro. Perhaps a similar mentality under Gase will fit his current needs. 

Of course, this deal only works out long-term if the legal issues around Brown are cleared. But he could give second-year quarterback Sam Darnold a primetime receiver and a playmaker to balance the offense. That could be worth another win as the Jets close out the season. 

And a steal if Brown buys into the shot to play again. 

Leonte Caroo – The Rutgers product has been spotted in New Jersey in recent weeks and could be an intriguing offer for the Jets, who need more depth at wide receiver. 

He hasn’t been terribly prolific during his previous three years at the Miami Dolphins, with just 12 catches for 192 yards and two touchdowns in his career. But the former third round pick has talent and big-play potential. 

In a stable system and with a quarterback who can make throws in tight windows, Caroo should be able to work his way into the rotation given the Jets need for more bodies at wide receiver, once his four-game suspension from the NFL is served. 

Brandon Weeden – Talking about value, this might not be a terrible one for the Jets. After Darnold, the depth at quarterback is lacking. 

The lack of a decent backup on the roster was exposed after Darnold was diagnosed with mono following Week 1. Luke Falk just didn’t cut it. 

But Weeden, who has 25 career starts, could be a stable veteran presence. If the Jets have legitimate hopes to be a playoff contender next year, then investing in a reliable, veteran quarterback is a must. 

Muhammad Wilkerson – This is another one that doesn’t seem likely but could make sense. 

Since Wilkerson left the Jets two years ago, there is now a new head coach and a general manager. The locker room is vastly different as well. He’d be returning for a fresh start and given that the Jets traded away defensive end Leonard Williams, Wilkerson might be a good fit. 

It would need to be a cap-friendly contract but Wilkerson as a designated pass rusher of sorts could be an important piece to the defensive line rotation for the Jets moving forward. 

He is damaged goods at this point, including off the field issues, but could be a good bargain for the Jets as they eye 2020. Sometimes these signings click and a player extends his career a season or two. Would be nice to see Wilkerson retire as a Jet and piece together a couple of solid seasons. 

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