There are a lot of uncertainties about how the Buffalo Bills will approach Sunday’s game, given that their playoff spot is locked in. This uncertainty about who the Bills will play and sit doesn’t affect the New York Jets, so says head coach Adam Gase. 

At 10-5, the Bills are locked in as the fifth seed in the playoffs for the AFC. No matter what happens, the Bills are cemented at that spot. 

So Buffalo could rest a number of starters or give them they a shortened work load, amounting to what essentially would be a practice or a scrimmage for the starters. For the Jets, this makes a potential headache as they try to game plan for the Bills. 

In all likelihood, the Bills will rest some starters with the AFC Wild Card round next week. How many will be rested, and how long the starters play all remains a mystery. 

“Just prepare as normal. We have to prepare like they're playing everybody. We can't really focus on anything else because that's what we know of right now. If something changed, then we always have the ability to adjust,” Jets head coach Adam Gase told the media at the team’s facility on Tuesday.  

“But, at the end of the day, there only can be so many guys that can't play, majority of their team is going to be out there and we've got to do everything we can to prepare for what we think is coming and then go out there and execute and play well.” 

The Jets too, have nothing to play for in Week 17. At 6-9, the Jets are out of the playoffs. The only benefit they could possibly hope for is a loss so as to improve their draft stock. 

But as the past two months has proven – the Jets have won five of their last seven games – this team isn’t going to back down and wants to win. As such, the Jets have certainly been playing for pride the past few weeks.