After a quiet day on Friday, making just one pick between the second and third rounds, the Jets have a busy day ahead of them on Saturday.

New York is scheduled to make six picks, a prime opportunity for general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Saleh to bolster this roster on both sides of the ball.

Here are the six picks that the Jets will make from the fourth round through the final pick of the draft (barring any trades):

  • Fourth round, No. 107
  • Fourth round, No. 143 (from Vikings) 
  • Fifth round, No. 146
  • Fifth round, No. 154 (from Giants)
  • Sixth round, No. 186
  • Sixth round, No. 226 (from Panthers)

To get you up to speed, these are the three players the Jets have picked in the draft up to this point:

  • First round, No. 2: Zach Wilson, BYU, QB
  • First round, No. 14: Alijah Vera-Tucker, USC, OG
  • Second round, No. 34: Elijah Moore, Ole Miss, WR


Taking those three players to start out the draft was a clear initiative by the Jets to improve on offense. New York secured a new franchise quarterback, a guard to protect him and another weapon at Wilson's disposal.

Now, with six picks remaining, expect the Jets to address a few different positions. New York needs to add a cornerback, providing some depth to a secondary that was torn apart routinely a season ago. They'd benefit from an additional edge rusher (after adding Carl Lawson in free agency) along with a linebacker, more offensive linemen and possibly even a running back.


Fourth round

The Jets have their running back. New York takes Michael Carter with the second pick in the fourth round (No. 107 overall), adding another weapon for rookie quarterback Zach Wilson.

They had a chance to pick another UNC RB last night, in Javonte Williams. Carter is a versatile back with playmaking ability, an asset in both the running and passing game. All four of New York's picks thus far have been on offense.

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After adding Carter, the Jets were scheduled to pick at No. 143 before the end of the fourth round. Instead, New York trades back with the Las Vegas Raiders, getting picks No. 162 and 200 in return. Some more draft capital to find value in the later rounds for the Jets.

Fifth round

This round will be very busy for the Jets after the trade a few moments ago... Let's get to it.

With the No. 146 pick, New York selected Jamien Sherwood, a safety out of Auburn. It's the first defender the Jets have taken in this draft class, an SEC veteran who will join Marcus Maye and Ashtyn Davis in the DB room.

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Next up, the Jets added another Michael Carter, this time the defensive back from Duke, Michael Carter II. Carter played safety primarily in college, but the Jets seem to view him as an asset at cornerback. Either way, his versatility is valuable for an inexperienced secondary.

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The Jets have made another trade. Instead of picking at No. 162, New York moves back, giving the Kansas City Chiefs an additional sixth-rounder while acquiring No. 175 and No. 207. 

One final pick in the fifth round and the Jets add yet another defensive back. It's Pittsburgh's cornerback Jason Pinnock. 

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Sixth round

Starting out the sixth round, the Jets continue to add depth in the secondary. This time, it's Florida State defensive back Hamsah Nasirildeen (No. 186). Even if he played safety in college, the Jets view him as a linebacker. It's similar to what New York is planning with Sherwood.

Then, at No. 200, New York went to another defensive back. Brandin Echols from Kentucky.

Finally, the Jets' last pick of this round—and in their class overall—is Arkansas DT Jonathan Marshall.

Got all of that? To wrap this up, here is the Jets 2021 NFL draft class:

First round, No. 2: Zach Wilson, BYU, QB

First round, No. 14: Alijah Vera-Tucker, USC, OG

Second round, No. 34: Elijah Moore, Ole Miss, WR

Fourth round, No. 107: Michael Carter, North Carolina, RB

Fifth round, No. 146: Jamien Sherwood, Auburn, S

Fifth round, No. 154: Michael Carter II, Duke, S

Fifth round, No. 175: Jason Pinnock, Pittsburgh, CB

Sixth round, No. 186: Hamsah Nasirildeen, Florida State, S

Sixth round, No. 200: Brandin Echols, Kentucky, CB

Sixth round, No. 207: Jonathan Marshall, Arkansas, DT