WATCH: 'True Hybrid' Ty Montgomery Yet to be Unleashed by Jets

Rolando Rosa

Ty Montgomery deems himself a "true hybrid" who has the versatility to make plays in a variety of ways. That's why No. 88 is a badge of honor to him. 

However, even though the New York Jets (0-3) have massively struggled offensively, the fifth-year running back/wide receiver isn't getting much of a chance to prove his worth. 

Montgomery only has 30 yards rushing on seven carries and three receptions for 15 yards on four targets. 

A major reason for Montgomery's limited reps is prized free agent acquisition Le'Veon Bell. 

Bell has logged 56 carries for 163 yards while catching 20 receptions for 121 yards and 1 touchdown. 

Even though Bell hasn't been able to break out behind an offensive line still trying to find its groove, Montgomery still believes the three-time Pro Bowl running back can be an asset to his game. 

"Le'Veon is probably the best at what he can do," Montgomery said to New York's Jim Gehman. "And for me to be a part of this offense, an offense that can be built around a running back that can do that, it suits me very well because I see myself being able to do the same things that he can do."

The Jets signed Montgomery to a one-year, $895,000 deal in the offseason. 

With starting quarterback Sam Darnold (mono) out the last two games, the Jets are last in yards per game (196.7) and have only scored one touchdown offensively all season. 

Yet, Montgomery firmly believes Gase can develop a game plan to utilize the versatility of Bell and himself. 

Two keys will be Darnold returning to the lineup and the offensive line forming some semblance of cohesion. Then Montgomery and the rest of the skill position players will have a better opportunity to showcase their capabilities. 

“He doesn’t seem to put his players in a box," Montgomery said about Gase to New York "And when (Bell and I are) in the game together, it should be even that much more explosive, that much more dynamic. That’s the way I see it, I see it being really special. I see my role and I’m grateful for it.”

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