WATCH: What Jets coach Adam Gase said before first practice of Browns week

Rolando Rosa

The New York Jets (0-1) will look to get their first victory of the season when they host the Cleveland Browns (0-1) in a Week 2 matchup on Monday Night Football. 

The Jets surrendered a 16-0 lead en route to losing 17-16 to the visiting Buffalo Bills in the regular season opener. The Browns were routed 43-13 at home against the Tennessee Titans in Week 1. 

Prior to the Jets hitting the field for the first practice of the week on Wednesday, coach Adam Gase addressed the media on a variety of topics. 

Here's a sampling of what Gase touched on during his press conference: 

On the season-ending neck injury to WR Quincy Enunwa: 

"We found out the next day after the game. He kind of informed us that he didn't feel right after the game. Went through all the tests and evaluations and we didn't find out until later Monday. It was way after I talked to you guys that I kind of found out about it. We had to look through some other avenues after we kind of found out about that."

Analysis: You just absolutely hate to see this. While obviously hoping for the best, unfortunately this could signal the end of Enunwa's career as it's his second season-ending neck injury in the last three years. Enunwa has to consider his life outside of football, so a tough decision might have to be made. 

On the impact of being without Enunwa for the season: 

"You lose a guy a starter. You lose a guy that's a veteran player that's been through a lot and done a lot of good things. He's done everything you possibly could ask a guy to do. He tries to do everything right. He works hard. He studies. He tries to lead by example. He speaks up when he has to. The way he plays, everything is violent and he gives everything he has. I feel for him just in that aspect that he's going through something like this. It's not something easy for guys that have been doing this their whole life."

Analysis: Enunwa will be sorely missed not only for his on the field contributions but also his steadying leadership in the locker room. It was clear from Gase's comments how much Enunwa means to the Jets in many facets. 

On new WR Demaryius Thomas, whom he coached previously an an offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos: 

"Smart, versatile, get the ball in his hands. He’s a big man that can run. He’s not 24 anymore. I’m not stupid in that aspect. I understand there’s an aging process here. He's still a big man that can run really well for a guy his size."

Analysis: The four-time Pro Bowler was at his very best under Gase with the Broncos. Could the 31-year-old Thomas experience a revival in this reunion? The track record indicate a strong possibility but his recent injury history and age are mitigating factors.   

On new kicker Sam Ficken, who was signed after a workout on Tuesday:

"I'm going into it with confidence that he'll do a good job and will be the right guy for us."

Analysis: After cycling through three kickers (Chandler Catanzaro, Taylor Bertolet, Kaare Vedvik) in the last five weeks, Ficken better be the answer or else the Jets will be right back at square one. While converting field goals is the bottom line, if Ficken can merely be proficient at extra point attempts he'll already have a leg up on his predecessors. 

On his outlook for QB Sam Darnold:

"He's going to get better every week. The more he sees, the better that it is. From spring to training camp to preseason and then starting this last regular season game, I keep seeing signs of improvement."

Analysis: In the Week 1 loss to the Bills, Darnold passed for 175 yards, one touchdown, no interceptions and an 84.9 passer rating. Gase explained that the exotic looks from the Bills' defense resulted in Darnold's mediocre performance but remains optimistic his second-year quarterback will continue to make the necessary strides. For the offense to become more dynamic, Darnold must improve with in-game adjustments and reads. 

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At a loss for words. Prayers up for Quincy🙏


Man this really sucks for Quincy. Hate to say it but this might be it for him.