WATCH: Why Adam Gase is already amazed by Gregg Williams in Jets training camp

The Jets defensive coordinator is hitting the ground running so far
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It's only been two days of training camp but Jets coach Adam Gase has seen enough to know his defensive coordinator has the goods. 

Gregg Williams is certainly following through on his promise to give practices the feel of games. The new Jets defensive coordinator is making quite the impression on Gase at the onset of training camp. 

On Thursday, Williams successfully limited the production of wide receiver Robby Anderson. This resulted in Gase going back to the drawing board as the defensive coverages differed on Friday. 

The strategic back and forth between Gase and Williams is both fascinating and encouraging for the Jets. Gase is effusive in his praise for how Williams is challenging him in a most unique manner.  

“I haven’t experienced this much variety of things that Gregg does, whether it’s pressure, coverage, types of coverages that he does, the disguises he does,” Gase said to “And the guys – we’re not having busts on defense. You don’t see guys just running wide open. They’re executing what he’s asking them to do. There will be minor details that need to get corrected, but I’ve never experienced it where we’re seeing as much as what we do this early. And it’s good for our guys because our guys need to see it all. (During the regular season), every week’s a different deal for us.”

All the exotic looks from Williams' defense will absolutely benefit the Jets offensively during the season. Because of Williams' philosophy, the Jets will be prepared to alter their approach when the opponent keys in on any specific player.

“What we always do is, ‘Who’s the defense trying to take away?’" Gase said to “Then the other guys would have to understand that they might have to do a little more that game than the game before.”

In order to transform from the last place finisher in the AFC East in 2018 to a playoff team, the Jets will have to improve on both sides of the ball. With Williams as defensive coordinator, each unit will definitely have the opportunity to do so.