Dan Campbell on Sheila Hamp: 'I Wish She Would Butt In'

Dan Campbell shares his thoughts on the owner of the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell was asked at minicamp how his relationship with ownership has developed from his first to his second year on the job. 

Principal owner Sheila Hamp made it quite clear when she last spoke to the team's website she did not intend to meddle in the daily affairs of Campbell or general manager Brad Holmes. 

Campbell actually noted he wished she would "butt in" more, but praised her efforts over the past two years. 

“Listen, it’s hard for me to say anything negative about the Ford family," Campbell said. "They obviously gave me the opportunity but they also -- when you’re a head coach, all you can ask for is that they’re going to give you the resources and support that you can do what you need to do as the head coach and the GM, and they allow us to do that. ... To have your owner in the building and to be here and to know she knows who we are. She knows the issues that we have as it pertains to -- it could be anything from players to concepts to, it doesn’t matter, man, it could be what’s going on in the weight room because she’s around and she’s hearing all of it."

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After voluntary workouts conclude next week, the offseason will commence until the start of training camp. 

Detroit's ownership, front office and coaching staff are hoping the current recipe will produce drastically better results the next few seasons. 

A new collaborative approach seems to have excited those who step foot daily at the team's Allen Park practice facility. 

"I think that’s a recipe for good things to happen, and so having her around is big. I’ll ask for her input too," Campbell said. "The last thing she wants to do is ever feel like she’s butting in and sometimes I wish she would butt in and so she’s been great, she really has. We’re a year later and I couldn’t ask for anything better than her for an owner. I trust her and she’s one of the people that I want to win for.”