Lions-Falcons Preview: 5 Questions with Zach Hood of SI Falcon Report

John Maakaron

Zach Hood of SI Falcon Report answers five questions heading into the Lions' Week 7 matchup with the Atlanta Falcons.

1.) What was different for the Falcons last week against the Vikings? 

Zach Hood: Kirk Cousins was a turnover machine early in the game, and the Falcons were able to capitalize and get out to a lead. And this time, they didn’t blow it.

Minnesota was also without star running back Dalvin Cook. 

I think the team was itching for a win, obviously, and the coaching changes made after the 0-5 start may have lit a fuse. 

But, mostly to me anyways, the Falcons made a couple good plays on some ill-advised passes from Cousins. And then, the offense executed, and turned it into points. 

2.) The Detroit Lions' secondary will have their hands full with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Do you think the Falcons can carry momentum forward after their solid offensive performance against the Vikings?

Hood: I think they definitely can. Jeff Okudah hasn’t looked like a high draft pick yet, as you know. So, I really don’t see how Detroit matches up with Atlanta outside. If Matt Ryan has time to throw, it could be a long day for the Lions.

Jeffrey Becker, USA TODAY Sports

3.) What are your early impressions of Atlanta interim head coach Raheem Morris?

Hood: It’s hard to tell. Obviously, he’s been there a while, so it’s not a true first impression. He has been part of the defense all season. But, obviously it’s different when a new person is running the show. He was able to confuse Kirk Cousins. So, let’s see what he has in store for Matthew Stafford.

4.) How is this Detroit Lions team viewed by individuals in Atlanta?

Hood: Probably similar to what the view of this Atlanta Falcons team is to someone in Detroit -- just kidding, kind of. 

But, I’m sure all of the Georgia football fans are closet Lions fans now, because of Stafford obviously but also D’Andre Swift. 

5.) What are the one-two key matchups you will be watching for?

Hood: You pointed out one of them -- the Lions' secondary vs. Jones and Ridley. 

The other one I think is the Falcons’ ability to pass protect vs. the Detroit front.

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I don’t think Raheem Morris keeps that Falcons job unless he rattles off a bunch of wins


I don’t think Falcons have to worry much about pass rush from the Lions