Al Riveron Explains New NFL Rule

John Maakaron

Senior NFL vice president of officiating Al Riveron had to be ready to answer questions related to a call made in a Lions game yet again on Sunday, after a pass interference call was made against Detroit cornerback Justin Coleman in the second quarter. 

In the postgame, Riveron talked to a pool of reporters about the new rule that was put into place before the season that states that officials must verify an interception, if it is called on the field. 

Read below to find out what he had to say about the pass interference call and the subsequent review. 

Question: Why was Coleman’s pass interference in the second quarter automatically reviewed, if there was no turnover on the play because of defensive pass interference?

Riveron: “We had a pass interference, which puts the Minnesota player out of bounds. He comes back in and reestablishes. The ruling on the field is an interception. We have to confirm the interception no matter. This is the new rule this year. Even though the interception was going to be negated by the pass interference, the new rule states that we have to verify the interception.”

Question: So, the player was out of bounds?

Riveron: “He was pushed out of bounds. The pass interference put him out of bounds.”

Question: Does that impact the defensive pass interference?

Riveron: “Pass interference puts him out of bounds.”

Question: So, that’s the reason it was OK for him to come back in?

Riveron: “Yes. He has to reestablish in bounds to be the first to legally touch the ball.”

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