Lions Sign DT Alim McNeill to Rookie Contract

Defensive tackle Alim McNeill has signed a 4-year rookie contract with the Detroit Lions.

The first rookie of the Detroit Lions 2021 draft class has officially signed their deal. 

Defensive tackle Alim McNeill, selected in the third-round of the 2021 NFL Draft, has signed a four-year contract worth $5.1 million. 

His contract agreement includes a $1,090,312 signing bonus and a base rookie salary of $660,000. 

Speaking with season-ticket holders in a virtual session, Lions assistant general manager Ray Agnew called McNeill a 'bad man.' 

"I mean really, the mindset you have to have in there, it’s not the most glorious position, whether it’s like stats wise and stuff like that. You really just have to be a selfless person to play in there," McNeill said after being drafted. "Somebody who is gritty and is willing to put their body and themselves on the line. To be able to have guys around them eat and succeed as well. It’s a very key position, but you have to have the mindset that, you know, ‘I’m here to plug gaps, I’m going to create havoc, I’m going to destroy blocks. I’m going to make plays in the backfield while also doing my job the correct way. Nose tackle is a very important position, so that’s the mindset you have to have.”

McNeill is in Detroit to participate in rookie minicamp over the course of the next three days. 

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