Fans of the Detroit Lions are definitely not thankful for ownership this holiday season. 

Sitting at 3-7-1, the discussion locally and nationally has turned to the job status of general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia.

The franchise has a decades long history of losing, and fans are fed up. 

Losing to a Redskins team that only had one win prior to Sunday has triggered a fanbase that is desperate for success. 

When Jim Caldwell was fired, Quinn told the fanbase that the reason for the coaching change was a lack of big wins and his belief that the franchise was ready to take the next step. 

Having a 9-7 season -- which Caldwell did in his last campaign as Lions head man -- just wasn't good enough.

Now that the team appears to be floundering under Patricia, fans have once again turned their attention to ownership. 

Not a day goes by on local sports talk radio or podcasts without a mention of "the Fords are the problem" or "the Fords must sell." 

On several occasions this season, #Martha has been a trending topic on Twitter after the Lions have lost a game. 

Now, "Sell the Team" t-shirts are popping up for fans to purchase. 

Both Barstool Sports and TheDLine, a Detroit-based company, have t-shirts available for fans to purchase.

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