Damon Harrison: "It (Sunday) is a loss. You cannot look at it any other way."

John Maakaron

Damon Harrison expressed on Monday what many fans in Detroit echoed after the Lions' 27-27 tie against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

"That is exactly what it is, it is a loss," Harrison said. "You can't look at it any other way. We did not get a point in the win column. So, for us, it is a loss. We have to just get back out there and know that the Chargers are coming in the building. And they don't care about what happened last week. They are trying to get a win, just like we are."

On Kyler Murray's comments about Harrison being tired in the fourth quarter

"I think you guys blew that out of proportion. (He) wasn't directly saying me. He said what everybody else already knew. I was not out there that much in the fourth quarter because I was not in the defensive sets that were out there on the field. We had an 18-point lead, (so) we had our defensive guys on the field to try and preserve the lead. So, it wasn't a situation where I was tired. I played 26 snaps."