Darius Slay Apologizes for Missed Catch

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
John Maakaron

Lions cornerback Darius Slay is not afraid to respond to critics online, even just mere hours after a game.

On Sunday against Dallas, Slay had an opportunity to intercept a Dak Prescott pass. However, in a game of inches, the ball slipped through his fingers, and was grabbed by Cowboys wideout Amari Cooper.

In the postgame, Slay was asked about the missed opportunity. 

"Ooh, I should have had that motherfu**er. But it was a good battle, though," Slay said. "I was on him every play, competing at a high level (and) made tons of plays, you know? Did what I was supposed to."

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was just as surprised that Cooper made the grab. 

"I don’t know how the hell Amari caught it, and then, got his feet in," Garrett commented. "Slay kind of looked at them, then looked at me after the play and said, ‘I don’t know.'"

So when actor, singer and producer Angelo Pagan tweeted a replay of the missed opportunity, Slay replied with an apology to Lions fans.

Pagan tweeted, "Now we know why one is a wide receiver and the other a cornerback. One can catch, one can’t!"

Slay replied, "Sorry (L)ion fans, ya boy post to grab that one(.) Great catch by (C)oop!!!!"

Since the game, fans have gone back and forth online regarding how much culpability Slay has for not making the "Big Play" against Dallas. 

Whether or not you are a supporter of Slay, it's a breath of fresh air to see him always being willing to address his play on the field.

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