Mike O'Hara Believes Stafford Will Not Play Again in 2019

John Maakaron

Mike O'hara from detroitlions.com was a guest this morning on Jeff Lesson's morning radio show on 97.1 fm the Ticket. He discussed his opinions regarding whether or not Matthew Stafford will see the field again this season. 

"It has been great fodder for sports talk (radio). If they play Matthew Stafford, they will get 30 minutes of calls about what a terrible thing that would be," O'hara said. "He is not playing. This is Mike O'hara talking. If he was going to play, he would have been playing already."

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O'hara expressed that Stafford has not been practicing and even though he is out on the field, Stafford's level of participation is very limited. 

"He is not even practicing. He is at practice helping out a little bit. But he is not running any drills, he is not throwing to any receivers. He is lobbing the balls to probably just stay warm. Stafford, stop thinking about it," O'Hara said. 

RB Kerryon Johnson

Similarly, O'hara was asked about whether or not second-year running back Kerryon Johnson should play again in 2019.

"Playing him is not a bad idea," he said. "Sitting him is not a bad idea either. But if you are not sure what you have or you just want to give him some competitive snaps and don't wear him out. I would play him."

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Stafford will never ever play again for the Lions Remember Bobby Layne? Now it’s the curse of stafford