Devon Kennard Rewards Kids with Shopping Spree

LB Devon Kennard rewarded four kids for academic achievement with Foot Locker shopping sprees
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Detroit Lions linebacker Devon Kennard rewarded four high school students for their hard work and achievements at school this year with a Foot Locker shopping spree. 

The Detroit Lions reached out to Don Dudley, marketing manager of Foot Locker Detroit, indicating that Kennard wanted to reward local students through the Brotherhood and Sisterhood program. 

"Sneakers are always a major way to communicate to kids. Even if they don't know why, there is always a connection to it all the time," Dudley said. 

"When you put on a fresh pair of shoes, you feel better. It's a positive reinforcement. It's a reward for doing not what just what you are supposed to do, but going above and beyond."

The students were selected based on improvements they have made academically and who also demonstrated positive attendance and leadership. 

Kennard said, "I just wanted an opportunity to really reward some kids."

Lazae Mosley was one of the students selected and he expressed how thankful he was to be recognized for the work he had been doing. 

"I am thankful to be selected. It lets me know that all my hard work, it's paying off," he said. So, I can actually go somewhere and people recognize that. I thank him (Kennard) for that. 

Each year, the NFL recognizes the charitable efforts of players through the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. Kennard was recently named the Lions' nominee for 2019. The winner will be selected February 1.

Kennard chose to donate the $50,000, awarded to a players charity of choice, to the Midnight Golf Program of Detroit.


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