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Twitter Reacts: Does No. 3 Pick Really Need That Much Safety Help?

Seattle Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf says Jeff Okudah is not locking down opposing wide receivers.

Detroit Lions cornerback Jeff Okudah has been receiving a heavy amount of praise for his play to start the 2022 NFL season for the Detroit Lions. 

He is largely credited for limiting the production of three talented opposing receivers: DeVonta Smith of the Eagles, Terry McLaurin of the Commanders and Justin Jefferson of the Vikings. 

In total, the three receivers recorded seven total receptions for 89 yards against Detroit's defense. 

This season, Okudah himself has only allowed just one catch of more than 11 yards.

Prior to his third NFL season, supporters began to debate whether or not the young defensive back should switch to playing safety. 

"I can play cornerback in the NFL," Okudah told reporters this week. "A lot of people thought I was a safety at one point." 

But, not everybody agrees that Okudah has been locking down opposing wideouts. 

Speaking with reporters, Seattle Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf noted that based on watching film, the 23-year-old defensive back has been gaining the benefits of having a safety play over the top.

“There’s a safety over the top of him so, he’s not really locking people down, but he’s a good corner,” Metcalf told reporters, via Pro Football Talk.

When asked to elaborate, Metcalf expressed, “I guess you have to watch film, and that is just my opinion."

Based on film review, the talented defensive back has benefitted from jamming receivers at the line scrimmage, disrupting the timing of calculated routes and forcing quarterbacks to look away from his side of the field.

Here is a sample of the reaction online to the debate regarding Okudah's effectiveness this season.