Playing Draft Prospect Matchmaker Lands WR Jaylen Waddle

ESPN matchmaker simulation lands Detroit Lions wideout Jaylen Waddle

It's time to play matchmaker for the Detroit Lions

ESPN has created a Draft Day Predictor tool that allows for users to answer three questions to lock in who might fit perfectly the Lions when it is their time on the clock

Here is how the ESPN matchmaker played out, given SI All Lions' responses to these three questions. 

Q: When is your team picking? 

A: First half of Round 1

Q: What offensive position is your team seeking?

A: Pass-catcher

Q: What skill set does your offense need most?

A: Speed and elusive, catch-and-run ability

With those answers, the Detroit Lions' selection in the 2021 NFL Draft is wideout Jaylen Waddle

According to The Draft Network, "Containing consistent hands, he also has a wide catch radius that enables him to attack the ball at its apex when entering his target range. A player that can be used as an ultimate decoy with various types of motions, he forces defenses to always account for where he is on the field no matter where he aligns.”

The talented wideout missed most of the 2020 season due to a fractured ankle, but demonstrated explosive play-making capabilities throughout his time in college. 

Waddle reportedly has top-flight speed, as he ran a 4.37 40-yard dash coming out of high school.

He has proven that he is a threat to take it to the end zone any time he gets the ball, with his speed and explosiveness.

If the Lions do end up selecting Waddle, he should become a solid addition to the passing game alongside quarterback Jared Goff

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