Herman Moore Explains Why Chris Spielman Should Be Lions General Manager

Read more on former Detroit Lions wide receiver Herman Moore's support for Chris Spielman

The Detroit Lions must now decide who will be their next general manager, as Bob Quinn was dismissed along with head coach Matt Patricia on Saturday. 

Owner Sheila Ford Hamp and team President Rod Wood will now start the comprehensive search process.

"We’re going to lean on all sorts of resources, and the League will probably be one of them," Ford Hamp said. Rod (Wood) and I, too, but Rod particularly has some really terrific relationships there. So, we’ll ask questions of them and put together a list of other people that we want to talk to. I say we’re going to do a comprehensive -- it will be a very comprehensive process. We’re going to talk to a ton of people.”

Could one of those individuals interviewed be former Lions linebacker and current broadcaster Chris Spielman?

Spielman's former teammate Herman Moore hopes that is indeed the case. 

In a video released online, the former wideout explains why Spielman deserves the opportunity to be Detroit's next general manager. 

"Chris Spielman is respected by the organization. He's respected by the players. He's respected by the alums. He's respected by the fans. When you come in and you have that type of respect from day one, that's a big plus for any organization." 

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