LB Jamie Collins Is Jarrad Davis' Favorite Type of Person

John Maakaron

No question, the Detroit Lions' revamped defense has been infused with several players from the New England Patriots. 

Head coach Matt Patricia & Co. are hoping the experiences that veteran players from New England had as part of a winning culture can be passed on to younger members of the current roster. 

One of those players that should emerge as a leader on Detroit's defense is Jamie Collins. 

During a video conference Tuesday, linebacker Jarrad Davis discussed the growing bond between himself and his new teammate. 

Having a few days to be in the same building as Collins as opposed to interacting virtually has proven to Davis that the ex-Patriots linebacker is among his favorite types of people.

"It is tough to kind of build that over the phone, but luckily I kind of get to see him (Collins) every day here in the building these past couple of days and just being able to sit there and just talk to him and just listen to him and and listen to me pick each other's brains is really cool. 

He added, "My guy is a guy that I enjoy. He's probably been one of my favorite one of my favorite types of people I've ever been around, and he's only the second guy that I know who is actually like that guy who just that same mannerisms, the same personality. People like him, I love being around.

"Now being in the locker room next to him, it's awesome. I try to keep it cool and be just low key. I've been watching him for a long time and seeing him make plays, just glad to be able to play next to him. "


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Comments (4)
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Davis is probably finished in Detroit, but if they get any improvement from him it will be a bonus. I read Davis is only going to be used in specified situations anyways


The addition of Collins will improve the play of JD... He can move to OLB and be a heat seeking missile attacking the ball.. Collins will help him develop to be a nightmarish ball attacking LB... IMO Collins & Flowers will be huge impacts on how JD plays.


Hopefully Davis learns a lot from Collins in the meeting rooms


This should be a good relationship! While I know Davis will work hard, not sure he will have the talent to make the plays he needs to regularly