Kerryon Johnson "Talked a Little Junk" to Bo Scarbrough about Iron Bowl

John Maakaron

In sports, nothing is better than talking a little trash to friends, colleagues and family members. 

Alumni of Auburn and Alabama always ramp up their trash talk when it's time for the annual Iron Bowl.

While running backs Kerryon Johnson and Bo Scarbrough are currently teammates on the Detroit Lions, it didn't stop them from needling each other about the Iron Bowl. 

Scarbrough spoke to SI Lions Maven Friday and discussed the rivalry and to what degree Johnson trash-talked following Auburn's 48-45 victory over Alabama.

"He (Johnson) came in on Monday and he started talking a little junk about it," Scarbrough said. "So me and Da'Shawn Hand were like, what is your record against Alabama? He said 1-2. So alright then, we were 2-1 against Auburn."

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Despite losing, Alabama still leads the all-time series 46-37-1.

Scarbrough explained, "It's a brutal game. It is a game where you don't know what will happen. Always crazy. Something always crazy happens in the game. Alabama could be 1-10 and Auburn can be 2-8 and it still will be thought of as these are the two best teams in the country. Just how it always is. Auburn has a great setup down there. They got good people, good coaches, nice people. Alabama is the same way, but even better."

Now that he is playing the NFL, Scarbrough watches the game and is just as passionate or more watching the Iron Bowl compared to fans of the two schools.

"You are screaming at your television or looking at your phone and you are like (expletive) Alabama, what are you guys doing? Come on." 

Scarbrough explained that even he has superstitions and will change shirts or seat positions during the game. Anything to try and will Alabama on to victory over Auburn.

"Sometimes you then get so mad you cannot watch it," he said. "We are so superstitious. We try to sit in the same seat. If I sat there the last time we won, I am going to sit there again. If I wore this shirt last time then I am going to wear it again. If we are losing in this shirt then I am never wearing it again. You know how it goes."

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